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The Best Styles of Urban Beach Week 2013

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Memorial Day Weekend on South Beach: It's not just a traffic nightmare. It's a great time to hit the streets and the clubs with the most stylish wardrobe you've got. And since South Beach is made up of about 90% partying tourists during the long weekend, we locals get to see what the rest of the country thinks about what they should be wearing when they get here.

Here's the head to toe action from Mansion to Ocean Drive, plus a special surprise from the police department. Enjoy!

Wick Up The Dreads

This dude from Northern Florida had four feet of dread locks standing up on top of his head through a hole in his hat on a windy day. Ladies and gentlemen, we present: The Human Candle.

Bikini Bottoms and Short Shirts, or Vest, or Just Bikini

To quote the lady who is bent at the waist, "Girl, you need to get you a big ol' strap-on dildo. You got a nice stroke."

The beauty of walking along Ocean Drive is that you get to wear your swimming clothes on the street. Add some flair with that top, and you've got style for miles.

Matching Items

Purple hat, purple boxers, purple belt, purple shorts. The guy likes purple. And the ladies do too.


The secret to standing out from the crowd and fitting in with the environment is all neon everything. It works at Ultra, it works on the beach.

The Latest Brands

There's one sure way to always be in style, and that's wearing the newest and the freshest of the season. But how to insure you always have it on? Burn it into your flesh. This frat boy had two Alphas on his chest and one on his forearm.

Body Suits

They're light, they're tight, they travel easy, and every time you go out, you really get to show out.

Cool Shoes

These dudes were so proud of their kicks they insisted on a single image featuring just the shoes. "Look at these, man, you gotta get a picture," said the guy on the left.

Booty Shorts

When God made Miami, he or she said, "And there will be one style to rule them all, and it will be called booty shorts, and it will be good." And it's true. Thanks G.


Here we have three-finger rings, four-finger rings, and cool necklaces. See how they set off the whole outfit?

Wild Patterns and Cheetah Prints

Eye catching, alluring, safe yet risky, sexy yet classy -- these are timeless classics for a reason.

Cuts In The Pant Leg

It's like you're wearing pants, but you're wearing shorts, but you're showing leg, but you're wearing pants.

Go Old School

It's not every day you get to rock the Charlie Chaplin bowler hat, bow tie, cumberbund, vest thing, jacket, gloves, and cane. Why Memorial Day Weekend? Um, why not?

Pink Handcuffs

Even the police got in on the fashion action. Check out these pink handcuffs. WTF? Did they run out and have to go pick some up at a sex shop, or did the department seriously order those?

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.