Ten Things to Do in Miami When It's Pouring Rain

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5. Visit the Tropical Conservatory at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden.
Fairchild might not seem like the best place to spend a rainy day — given that 80 percent of the onsite attractions are outdoors — but there are some nooks that are perfect for taking cover during a downpour. The Tropical Plant Conservatory, for instance, is jam-packed with fabulous flora horticulturists have collected from around the world. Then there's the Butterfly Garden, an oasis of fluttery bugs. It stays open during a sprinkling but closes during heavy rain. 

4. Shoot some arrows at Straight Forward Archery Academy.
Archery is the ultimate athletic throwback. People were in some pretty killer shape in the time of Robin Hood. So there must be something substantial to shooting arrows (at inanimate targets). Opt for a private class at Straight Forward Archery Academy, where they'll teach you proper form and technique for a perfect Katniss-style shot. Private lessons run one hour and cost $52 per person — with up to four people per class. 
3. Book a plant-based cooking class with Pamela Wasabi 
Lack of culinary skill is a common excuse for the veg-curious: "I'd totally go vegan, but I'm clueless in the kitchen." Well, a rainy day is as good a time as any to up your plant-strong game. Pamela Wasabi, blogger, designer, and all-star chef, offers private lessons. She'll teach you to make superdelish dishes such as chickpea meatballs, raw lasagna, chocolate pancakes, and eggplant cutlets. A private class runs two-and-a-half to three hours and costs $250.

2. Curl up with a good read at Books & Books 
Rainy days were made for reading. A downpour is a perfect opportunity to catch up on the intellectual tomes you've been dying to skim. Of course, trashy novels are also an option — we don't judge. Books & Books has all kinds of options in stock. Buy one and get comfy on a cozy chair or grab a beverage from the café. You might meet Mr. or Ms. Right — a bookstore is, after all, a pretty good place to vet candidates. As John Waters once said: "If you go home with somebody and they don't have books, don't fuck 'em!"

1. Play laser tag at Action Town Family Fun Center
What better way to wile away a rainy day than by shooting your friends with a beam of monochromatic light? Gather the gang and go head-to-head in what's dubbed Area 51 — the city's largest indoor laser tag arena. It's complete with adrenaline-pumping music and glow-in-the-dark obstacles. One game costs $9.95 per person, two games $18.95, three games $24.95, and unlimited play for four hours costs $50.
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