The Ten Best Rainy-Day Activities in Miami

Photo by Juanmonino/Getty Images
Skies can turn from the clearest of blue to the darkest of gray in the blink of an eye in Miami, with the rainy season sprinkling a deluge on plans and sunny-day activities. While time at the beach or otherwise spent outdoors has been squandered by scattered and thunderous showers, you can still spend your rainy days in the company of a good time without having to sacrifice those moments you’ve been saving up so carefully.

Below, in no particular order, you’ll find ten of the best rainy-day activities to enjoy throughout Miami.
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Apollo Plant's "Landed" in the Design District
Photo courtesy of Miami Design District

Cultivate Your Green Thumb

Those who want a little more responsibility in their lives and are looking to spruce up their home should consider a visit to local nursery to check out new plants and seeds to add to your garden and growing collection. Casaplanta Garden Center (6825 SW 127th Ave., Miami) provides a sheltered space to browse through the foliage and acquire some new plant babies of your own, while Galloway Farm Nursery (7790 SW 87th Ave., Miami) offers an indoor oasis to explore. There's even a way to experience a plant exhibition through Apollo Plants (151 NE 41st St. #121, Miami), an organization that hosts plant-filled activations and installations from May through July, striving to connect visitors to the natural world through unconventional artistic means.
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Los Altos in Little Havana
Photo by Kris Tamburello/Saladino Design Studios

Sip a New Brew or Concoction

New and old breweries and bars alike merit a visit or even a return, especially when unpredictable showers linger on the horizon. Up your drinking experience by finding the experimental — a hidden bar or a taproom that constantly revolves its selection of beers with Bad Bunny-branded pilsners and O, Miami poetry-inspired brew. Try Los Altos (521 SW Eighth St., Miami), an upscale speakeasy located above Taquerias el Mexicano in Little Havana; or Margot Natural Wine Bar (21 SE Second Ave., Miami) in downtown Miami, which offers some of the city's largest selections of natural wines, free of additives and pesticides.
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Try a fashion-design course or workshop!
Photo courtesy of the Fashion Institute of South Florida

Try a Hands-On Workshop

Go back to school via short-term courses and one-time workshops that allow you to stay inside and learn new creative techniques — and possibly develop a full-time hobby. Whether it's sewing classes at the Fashion Institute of South Florida (771 NE 125th St., North Miami), figure drawing pop-up style courses through RawFigs Miami, or the tedious ceramic-making sessions offered through the Ceramic League of Miami (8873 SW 129th St., Miami), the range in style and pricing of workshops and classes available allow for a rainy day to turn into an opportunity to enhance the capabilities available right at one's fingertips.
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NXT LVL Gaming Miami in Sweetwater
Photo courtesy of NXT LVL Gaming Miami

Game the Day Away

With the expense that a proper gaming PC demands, along with the cost of consoles, it's no wonder many turn to internet cafés (yes, that's still a thing — how very Y2K of Miami) and public gaming lounges. Open seven days a week, and enticing competitors with a curated library of games that are constantly updated with new releases, NXT LVL Gaming Miami (10772 SW 24th St., Miami) offers memberships to gamers of all stripes, including a free platinum membership to current Florida International University students. It's the perfect chance to take advantage of a business's mission to surpass economic barriers to gaming and forge a community experience among the county's gamers.
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Salsa dancing in Miami
Photo courtesy of Salsa Lovers

Let Loose on the Dance Floor

Euphoria can best be described as getting loose on the dance floor, and with the range of dance venues and gigs constantly available at one's disposal, there's no excuse to stretching out and showing off your skills. You can catch a late-night DJ set at downtown hot spot Over Under (151 E. Flagler St., Miami) or try salsa dancing — Liquid Silver (5854 W. Flagler St. Miami) offers lessons — or flamenco, cumbia, even calypso, at one of Miami's legendary dance halls, in a city that blends and brings one closer to the traditional Caribbean dance styles.
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Miami-Dade Public Library Main Branch
Photo by PennyDinaWoods/Flickr

Visit an Independent Bookstore or Library

Books are ten times better with the sound of a storm in the background. The urge to cozy up with a good read is further amplified when said literature is acquired and read at some of the lovely independent bookstores scattered in Miami. From good ol' Books & Books (265 Aragon Ave., Coral Gables) with its tasty café just footsteps away, and recently opened Paradis Books & Bread's (12831 W. Dixie Hwy., North Miami) extensive selection of critical reading, it's worth experiencing and supporting those leading the independent bookseller movement in our young city. You can even exchange a book for a book at Bookleggers Library at the Bakehouse Art Complex (561 NW 32nd St., Miami) in Wynwood or its Miami Beach-based satellite location, BeachReads (1600 Washington Ave., Miami Beach).
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Lot 11 Skatepark
Photo by Brian Lundquist/Unsplash

Skate Indoors

The Instagram and TikTok influx of skating reels, whether it be skateboarding or rollerskating, ignited a fire in many to begin learning and expanding on their skating skills. When rain makes South Florida's asphalt streets unsafe, turn to the indoor havens of the city to roll around and try new tricks. On any given night, Super Wheels Miami (12265 SW 112th St., Miami) hosts themed events, sometimes featuring appearances by local icons like DJ Laz. There's the protection that I-95 gives Lot 11 Skatepark (301-349 NW Second St., Miami) in keeping its ramps dry and safe for any and all wheels to partake in during those stubborn stormy days.
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Red White & Blue Thrift Store in Hialeah
Photo by Philip Pessar/Flickr

Thrift Till You Drop

What's better than behaving responsibly with respect to sustainability and having a put-together fit? The supply of vintage and consignment boutiques waiting to be thrifted are enough to make one explore outside the comforts of a Goodwill. Check out Out of the Closet (2400 Biscayne Blvd., Miami), a thrift store whose proceeds go to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation while simultaneously offering free HIV testing. There's also Dragonfly Thrift Boutique (3141 SW Eighth St., Miami), Lotus House Thrift Chic Boutique (2040 NW Seventh Ave., Miami), and Bargain Box (1350 W. Flagler St., Miami), all of which benefit worthy causes, from empowering women during and after the incarceration process to raising funds for cancer research and patient services at the University of Miami's Miller School of Medicine.
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Works on view from the permanent collection of the Bass.
Photo by Zachary Balber/The Bass

Visit an Art Space

While museums like the Bass (2100 Collins Ave., Miami Beach) and Pérez Art Museum Miami (1103 Biscayne Blvd., Miami) are often the first to come to mind when it comes to visiting and being in the presence of art, other institutions can provide the necessary art fix, whether it be galleries like Primary (7410 NW Miami Ct., Miami) and Nina Johnson (6315 NW Second Ave., Miami), an immersive installation like Superblue (1101 NW 23rd St., Miami), or a nonprofit organization like Oolite Arts (924 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach). With the range of exhibitions on constant rotation in the city, there's always something to visit that won't be there in the future. Public murals and artwork in outdoor spaces will have to take the backseat on this one.
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Tower Theater in Little Havana
Photo by Damian Bakarcic/Flickr

Watch an Arthouse Film

Why not spice up your rained-in film-watching experience and go from the couch to an art-house theater? Rather than the average blockbuster, many of Miami's cinemas offer exclusive premieres and screenings, from Tower Theater (1508 SW Eighth St., Miami) to O Cinema (1130 Washington Ave., Miami Beach). You don't even have to leave the comfort of your vehicle at Nite Owl Drive-In (1400 NE First Ave., Miami), open from Friday to Sunday nights, and offering month-long programming for anyone who doesn't want to even risk getting caught in the rain.
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