Teeology: J.Lo's New T-shirt Website Lets You Rock the Vote

This November, make your vote count. No, we're not talking about Mr. Women Full of Binders or Mr. Hope Gone Awry. In fact, if we get one more swing state pollster call, we're going to knock someone out.

And we'll do it in our Lover or Fighter shirt from Teeology, of course.

The Miami-based clothing line comes from Erica Zohar with an assist by Jennifer Lopez herself, and much like your civic duty to cast your ballot, you have to vote for your favorite shirt in order to get it into production.

The cotton tops currently up for election include Shot Through the Heart (a bow and heart arrow tee), a rose-colored Parlez-vous Francais? tee you'll need Google translator to decode and the Big Love heart shirt modeled on the site by J.Lo.

Now that she's no longer on American Idol, J.Lo's turned to T-shirt modeling? Kind of. Turns out J.Lo is actually involved with the line. She, along with Peter Kim of Hudson Jeans, and Jane Buckingham of The Modern Girl's Guide book series, help select which tees go up for vote.

The process goes a little something like this: Tees are submitted from designers around the world (keep in mind as your next rainy day activity); the curators decide what makes the cut; and the shirts go up for vote. Should you happen to pre-order one of the candidates and it wins, Teeology will ship your shirt for free.

So why do we need yet another T-shirt company with quirky designs taking up web space? Zohar started the line after her extended career in the fashion biz made $80 basic tees seem like the industry standard. With Teeology, she offers high-end, super-soft tees (think the one you constantly reach for once the laundry is clean and folded, or the dirty one you keep recycling because it's that soft) at a reasonable price (between $28 and $35). As for the voting process, it isn't just a gimmick. Zohar sees it as the future of fashion. And with social media taking over every aspect of our lives, why should our T-shirt drawers be any different?

Want to get political? Wear a We Run DC or Right to Party to the poll.

We'll be electing Dandy Suspenders, Love is Blind and Siamese Dream to the head of our wardrobe.

With Bad Kitty as the VP.

To vote for a tee, log on to teeology.com.

-- Ginger Harris, electricblogarella.com

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