"Sucking Maggot" and Five Other PC Insults To Hurl at Joakim Noah Tonight!

Sometimes it's good to take the high road. Tonight is not one of those times. Sometimes you have to fight insults with insults. So when Joakim "I shouldn't be making fun of anybody, have you seen my facial hair and hair bun" Noah decided he was going to call a Miami Heat fan a gay slur, well that got Cultist in a sour ass mood.

Sure, we're a culture blog, but that doesn't mean we can't get down and dirty and take some potshots at you, Joakim. We'll see how you like it. Oh yeah, and we are also going to target some of your stinkin' Chicago Bulls teammates who, without blatantly saying they supported you, stopped well short of criticizing your intolerance. Read on for some insults to yell at that goofy tall dork (yeah, that's just a taste) at tonight's game.

6. Sucking Maggot

Funny how two little letters can make a world of difference. Somehow you

got it wrong Noah, but Miamians are too classy for racial slurs. We

might chant "Fuck You, Chuck," to Charles Barkley but we don't mention

his race or the fact that he's so freaking overweight.

5. You're Dad Was a One Hit Wonder

Taking a shot at one's father is pretty low, admittedly, but in our

defense, Noah started it. Pointing out the fact that Yannick Noah, the famous French tennis player who won one French Open in 1983 ,

his only Grand Slam tournament, is Joakim's father is actually a compliment. But remember,

we're better than you Chicago.

4. God Deng You!

What's worse that your name being a curse word? Your name being the word

people use in place of a curse word. Luol Deng we're talking to you. You

came out and supported you gay-hating teammate. To that we say, Deng

You, Luol, Deng You!

3. You Make Carlos Boozer Look Pretty

No beer goggles could make Boozer look good, but he looks positively Dwyane Wade compared to Noah.

2. You Seer Sucker

This is random and directed at Joakim's choice of suits when he was drafted several years ago.

1.Gator's Suck

Nothing hurts more than the truth, except for being a Florida Gator.

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