Slavery, Death, and Three Other Reasons You Should Never Plank Again

Face down, butt up. That's the way we like to... plank? Yeah, plank. In case you live IRL (in real life, as opposed to online), planking is a recent Internet meme where folks lie down -- stiff as a board -- in random/usual places and share the photos online.

The trend (reportedly) began in England in 1997 under the much less meme-friendly name "Lying Down Game." Now the meme is at its peak, with every kind of celebrity from Katy Perry to Flava Flav tweeting planking photos. So irreverent! So fun! Right? Wrong. According to some critics, planking is not only a little distasteful but also hella dangerous. (And yes, before you say anything, we were indeed that kid on the playground warning folks not to climb on the monkey bars. But who's the fool whose elbow bone came piercing out of his flesh? Not us.)

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Amanda McCorquodale