Rourke or Penn? Everyone Has an Opinion

The Oscars are set to air this very Sunday! And finally we will get to see if our beloved Mickey Rourke walks away with a little gold man. We've already noticed FiveThirtyEight numbers God's prediction that Rourke will beat out his competition, Sean Penn, but other people who have somehow been allowed access to the Internet don't seem to agree.

Heading over to the Yale Daily News now, where they've replaced actual content with copy/pasted G-Chat transcripts: Neither of them are huge on Mickey, because they are elitists who would never dream of fraternizing with anyone who rides a scooter. (However, I do hate Darren Aronofsky as much as these guys do, but let's not hold that against Mickey.)

"I'm all for a nice redemption story, but I'm not sure how in-your-face

grit and violent realism got confused for fine acting or cinema. Not to

mention, I found the themes of the movie rather trite."

How rather trite for an Ivy League kid to find something rather trite. Do these Yalies know they have the same taste as not one, but two Kardashians?

Then CelebBuzz rounded up all the predictions

from its stable of celebrity (read: people who have reality shows)

bloggers. Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port, and

Brody Jenner all picked Sean Penn, which is perhaps the greatest

evidence yet that Mickey Rourke truly deserves to win.

Over at MTV, its panel of movie experts, including Diddy's former umbrella caddy, favor Rourke.

Former Libertarian vice presidential nominee Wayne Root predicts

Sean Penn. Because he is "a pathetically, radically bleeding-heart

liberal in real life" and so is Hollywood. Damn it, Mickey, why didn't

you rent a boat and a camera crew and head to New Orleans after

Katrina? I know your pet-store protests are heartfelt and all, but you

have to start thinking about your career with regard to political

statements. We know Sean Penn does.

More important, though, we want to know who you think should win. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.