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Pain & Gain Trailer: Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson Get Ripped, Hug It Out

The first trailer for Pain & Gain, the Michael Bay pet project starring Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson and filmed in Miami, was released yesterday. And before you put your film snob nose in the air at the idea of Bay, Johnson, and Wahlberg collaborating, you might want to watch the thing -- because it looks promising.

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Sure, the trailer has typical Bay touches: explosions, car chases, super-saturated colors. But it also has understated humor (a rare find in any action flick), the delightful Rebel Wilson, and plenty of recognizable Miami locales. Oh yeah, and a "based on a true story" plot, thanks to New Times' Pete Collins.

See for yourself after the jump.

0:08: So that's why Mark Wahlberg was hanging from that building.

0:12: "I'm hot! I'm big!" Simultaneously the most hilarious and most tragic personal affirmations ever uttered by a bodybuilder.

0:15: Siam Rice! They have a mean chili sauce.

0:23: June 17, 1995, and SWAT teams are busting Daniel Lugo

0:29: "My name is Daniel Lugo. And I believe in fitness...."

0:31: ....and then he gets hit by a car. Priceless.

0:34: Correction: This is New Times' true story.

0:42: "I was looking at another 40 years of wearing sweatpants to work." Wait, this guy's a blogger too?

0:47: Rebel Wilson's saying something funny about "penis magic," but the background music makes it sound like a threat. Run, impotent man!

1:00: "You know who invented salad? Poor people." And here I'd always thought it was rich bitches trying to get skinny. Also, this version of Monk looks mean.

1:05: Here's Mark Wahlberg at his Wahlbergiest: "You ever just get tired of being who you are, Adrian? ... I mean life, man!" Never change, Marky Mark.

1:14: Dayamn. The Rock looks like, well, an actual large rock. (Go Canes.)

1:23: Slo-mo '90s-styled dudes walking in sunglasses is always giggle-worthy.

1:27: Look, Krave! Your art's in a movie!

1:31: Requisite slo-mo shots of women stepping out of swimming pools, moving gracefully underwater, as seen in every Miami movie ever.

1:40: Did they just kidnap Tony Shaloub wearing Street Fighter costumes? Because: Awesome.

1:55: "Now I go to work," says Ed Harris, but it still doesn't sound as threatening as Rebel Wilson's blowjob reference.

1:56: Trailer montage! Cops! Strippers! Adrian bought a house! Strippers! More strippers! Boats! Cops! Shoot-out in a Chinese restaurant!

2:10: "It hurts, I know it does. That's it, get it." The creepy, hilarious way Dwayne Johnson coaches Mark Wahlberg while he's doing curls is exactly why I don't work out ever.

2:20: Three guys walking away from a bad-ass explosion, because this movie is by Michael Bay.

2:29: Aw. Man hugs.

See? These two and a half minutes make Pain & Gain look like, well, a uniquely enjoyable action movie. Fingers crossed the film lives up to its trailer.

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