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National "Make it Work" Day

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October 18, not a particularly special day.

Two hundred and thirty years ago some drunk guy saw a bird tail decorating the wall of a New York bar and decided to be funny and order a cock tail, thus spawning a cultural phenomenon. But that's about the only interesting factoid associated with this 24-hour period.

Until, that is, a well-dressed gay man pursed his lips, peered over the top of his frameless spectacles, and uttered the words, "Make it work, people. Make it work."

And a nation was hooked.

So, though we thank the drunkard from the bottom of our pickled livers for his contribution to society, we hereby nominate October 18 national Make It Work day in honor of �ber-Mo Tim Gunn and the Project Runway season three finalist who heads the fahionista's advice and auf-s the competition in tonight's runway extravaganza. Alas, we have no inside scoop on which of the final four will snag the coveted crown, but we have our hunches. We have our faves. And we have our reasons.

The red-headed impulsive breeder/ overachiever: Go back to your sprawling SoHo loft, four rugrats, and mad scientist husband. Tattoo neck, a cheater? Er, methinks not; try talented, experienced, and driven. We expect name-calling, finger-pointing from the crop of Queens, but coming from a woman who appears to exude such class -- tsk tsk, you should be ashamed of yourself. Design Points: 3. Mass Appeal Points: -3 for hormonal, brazen bitchiness. Overall Score: 0

Uli, dear, sweet Uli: unlike the catty kids at Dirt Miami, who seem to be jealous because your pretty local mug is plastered across the mediasphere while they are relegated to their obscure corner of cyberspace, we are rooting for you girl. But just between us, flowy only goes so far. We hope you channel the chain-smoking, beer-drinking, oppressively bossy German within and show us your straighter side tonight. Design Points: 2 Mass Appeal Points: +1 for representing the hometown and general sweetness. Overall Score: 3

Knight Rider, aka Hot Pants: Your outfits are hot. You are hot. Braces, on you, are hot. Rumored to be launching a fragrance line? That's hot. You winning season three would be so hot. What's not hot -- dating Brandy. Design Points: 4. Mass Appeal Points: +7 for sex appeal, -7 for allegedly dating Brandy. Overall Score: 4.

Tatto neck: Yes, you are an arrogant son of a you-know-what, but who gives a toss? You deserve to win simply for publicly ridiculing the rosette-loving, granola bar Angela on a weekly basis. And heck, if your designs are rockin' enough for Gwen Stefani, they sure as hell are good enough for us. But seriously dude, the Elton John-inspired shades have got to go. Design Points: 4. Mass Appeal Points: +1 for turning life around. Overall score: 5

And the winner is ...well, we actually have no idea. Tune in to Bravo tonight at 10:00 p.m. and see for yourself. (For more stories about the show and its stars check out this site.) -Joanne Green

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.