Monster Jam Driver Dan Evans Drives Blue Thunder Over Cop Cars, Doesn't Do Dishes

Revel in the awesome manifestation of human engineering that is a monster truck. These 10,000-pound behemoths figuratively ejaculate nearly 2,000 horsepower of raw, automotive aggression. That means they can go from zero to 100 miles per hour in the length of your driveway, which then catapults them two stories in the air, only to land on what could've been your grandmother's 1987 Buick LaSabre.

These monstrous marvels of human ingenuity are coming to Sun Life Stadium Saturday, February 8, for one of their over-the-top stadium events. That means there will be at least 18 trucks fighting it out for pride, ego, and some kind of ambiguous prize that no one can identify and makes a Monster Truck event feel more like a theatrical wrestling match than an actual sport.

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We reached out to Monster Jam and scored an interview with Blue Thunder's driver Dan Evans. Among being one of the better known cars, being Ford's main vehicle, Evans used to own a limo company with a limo Monster Truck, and his Blue Thunder crew chief is his wife. We figured that must make for some interesting dinner conversation.

Last year, Gary Porter told us that he drove Grave Digger through a Taco Bell Drive-In. We're hoping that you have an equally awesome story of something crazy you did with Blue Thunder.

I ran over a police car in Florida in 2004... Oops.

Which is a more difficult part of your marriage: discussing ways to squeeze more horsepower out of your 10,000 pound Monster Jam truck or arguing over who does the dishes at night?

I don't do dishes, so it's definitely horse power.

Does your love of hunting play into being a professional Monster Truck driver at all?

Yes, all the interesting people and places I go around the world opens doors for some of the best hunting and fishing around.

When you had a Monster Limousine, was there an option to go on a course and sit in the back while you smashed up some 1984 Buick LaSabres?

For the right price, of course.

Being home only 30 days a year sounds completely insane. I think most people would be horrified to know that's the cost to drive Monster Trucks for a living.

It's hard to be away from family for long periods of time like that, but they understand that it's what it takes to do what we do. The granddaughters on the other hand always want to know when grandpa Dan is coming home. I miss them a lot.

If you were going to retire and you only had one last car to smash, which would it be?

Definitely Tom Meents and Max-D. I owe him one for running over my Monster Jam truck in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

MetroPCS and Dairy Queen's Monster Jam. Sat., Feb. 8, at Sun Life Stadium, 2269 NW 199th St., Miami Gardens. Event starts at 7 p.m., and tickets cost $20 to $45. Call 800-345-7000 or visit monsterjam.com.

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