Mob Scene

Mixing art, performance, music, and booze is a high-octane formula that has undergone more face lifts than Joan Rivers. But talking to the lads at ARTmob, one would think they’d invented it. “We basically thought it would be cool to organize an event where people could experience different genres in a festive atmosphere,” beams barely legal promoter Ricardo Guerrero, whose slogan is “peace, love, and annihilation.”

P.S., hosted by ARTmob, blasts off at 9:00 tonight at Jakmel Art Gallery, where Guerrero and crew aim to wipe out the senses with their multimedia Molotov. The cocky mobster’s cultural mayhem features artwork by Gorilla Tactiks, Milton El Kiss, Jerry Morris, Stephanie Garcia, and Frankie Cruz (pictured). WDF and Baby Calendar will be on hand to shellac the ears with live experimental sounds, and DJs Madame Turk and I-regret-to-inform-you-you-have-two-months-to-live will also add to the wall crumbling vibe. ARTmob’s performance wing swoops down with mind numbing bombs by Michael Sheriff, Katherine Espaillat, James Allerdyce, Katie Middleton, Collin Palomares, and Yvonne Gougelet. Tickets for this baby face riot cost five dollars. Call 954-701-5384, or visit
Sat., Feb. 18
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Carlos Suarez De Jesus