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Mitch Glazer's Miami-Based Gangster Series, Magic City

We love it when we hear that some established Hollywood bigwig was actually was born in Miami and grew up here before they moved on to find riches and success. It's even better when that same person comes back to the city with a project in tow that has the potential to become a legitimate hit. That's what you get with writer/director Mitch Glazer and his new Starz series Magic City.

Glazer, who was a writer for Saturday Night Live in its golden years (the '80s) and wrote the scripts for movies like Scrooged, The Recruit and the upcoming Passion Play, came back to Miami after living in New York and California to write the gangster series for Starz. According to an interview with Vanity Fair, Glazer will be in the Magic City writing Magic City for the next half a year or so. Read on for details.

According to Glazer, the storyline for the series takes place in 1959 at

an Eden Roc-type hotel. The material is certainly not a stretch for

Glazer whose father worked on the lighting of many iconic Miami Beach

hotels from that era, including the Eden Roc and Fontainebleau.


to star in the series are Grey's Anatomy's Jeffrey Dean Morgan (who is

the American Javier Bardem), Danny Huston (who specializes in playing

villains--see X-Men: Origins and Edge of Darkness), and Glazer's wife

Kelly Lynch. Yeah, that Kelly Lynch, from Drugstore Cowboy and Cocktail.

Even though Glazer has had many successes, his Q Rating is primed to

explode even ahead of Magic City with the release of Passion Play, a

movie he wrote and directed, which stars Bill Murray, Megan Fox, Lynch,

and Mickey Rourke.

Speaking of Rourke, another of Miami's favorite sons,

he actually went to high school with Glazer -- further proof that Miami

is still a small city despite its big-time aspirations. This is some of what

Glazer had to say of The Wrestler star in Vanity Fair:

I've known him since high school, since we were 15. We have been

friends. There were the missing years, of course, when he was just too

nuts to connect with. But he was a year younger than me in high school,

and my high school was basically 70 percent Jewish, 30 percent Cuban,

and Mickey. So it was kind of a dream:

Apparently, Glazer's mother taught a high school class that awakened the

acting bug in Rourke. But that's not the only bond the two shared:

We were about to do a scene with him and Billy (Murray) and Megan (Fox), and I said, "I

think the first time you acted was with my sister, Amy," and he turned

to me and said, "Yeah, and I slept with her." I went, "What? You slept

with my sister? When?" And he said, "Senior year." I said, "No one told

me!" So I had to call my sister and said, "You fucked Mickey Rourke?!"

She said, "We didn't want to upset you." I said, "I'm upset. I'm upset

right now!" This is 40 years ago and I'm furious. [Laughs.]

We know how you feel, Glazer. After all, who hasn't slept with Mickey Rourke or wanted to?

Glazer starts filming Magic City on June 20, and the series will air on the Starz network.

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