Miami's Independent Thinkers: Score the Chance for a Showcase at Scope Art Fair

Miami Art Week is getting more inclusive every time we turn around, with lots of opportunities popping up for local artists to get involved. And if you've got artistic ambitions, Miami's Independent Thinkers (MIT) is offering you a chance to strut your stuff at one of the city's biggest fairs: Scope Miami Beach.

Through November 24, you can submit your painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, animation, installation art, digital, film or performance artist for a chance at creative glory.

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"We love seeing our show evolve each year and are very interested in seeing what type of 'New Media' work is out there," says MIT founder Sara Read.

Their show is collaborative multimedia art exhibition designed to showcase premiere, emerging and young artists from the area. And every genre under the sun has a piece of the puzzle, from photographers to muralists to musicians.

As far as advice for anyone looking to try their hand, Read says artists should definitely be sure to follow the submission guidelines and make sure images of their work are clear, focused and of the artwork alone. No selfies, folks.

"The last thing I would add is just have fun with it," Read adds. "We are always wowed by the submissions we receive and are looking forward to see what they have been working on for this year!"

Submissions will be judged by the folks at MIT plus Daria Shapiro, Vice President of Scope, and winners will have their work displayed at Scope from December 3-8.

There is one catch -- a $45 entry fee. That includes up to four images of your work -- then $5 for each additional. Oh, and if you're included, there'll be a 50% commission on any sales made during the exhibition.

There are some guidelines/restrictions for artwork in each individual genre, so check out the full list of rules on their website. The official deadline is midnight on November 24, and they'll announce the winners on November 28.

Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for ya.

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