Miami's Chrissie Fit and Cyrina Fiallo Create Hialeahwood YouTube Show

Actors Chrissie Fit and Cyrina Fiallo, both from Miami, are living in Los Angeles doing some pretty big things in Hollywood. (You might recognize Fit from Pitch Perfect 2 and Fiallo from Disney Channel's Good Luck Charlie). Although the two are West Coasters now, their latest collaboration proves you can take the girl out of Hialeah, but you can't take Hialeah out of the girl.

In between gigs, those creative juices all actors keep hidden in their fridge can start to run a little dry. So in an effort to stay expressive, Fit and Fiallo took to YouTube for Hialeahwood, where the two assume 17-year-old alter egos Yalixa and Bea ("You know, like Bae?") and review movies.

The first episode was released on Fit's channel this past Friday, and the girls reviewed Disney's live-action flick The Jungle Book. As the video description states, "BFFs, Yalixa Diaz and Beatrix Fernandez, from Hialeah, Florida, share their critiques on the latest Hollywood films. These teenage girls break it down. Like for real, bro."

Fit grew up in Lago Grande in Hialeah, so she had plenty to draw from for Yalixa. "I knew I wanted to do something with Miami girls — or in this case, Hialeah girls," Fit tells New Times. "Movies felt like the best fit because each week we essentially have new material to work with."
The set for the videos is simple enough: a floral twin bed against a turquoise wall with posters of some of Yalixa and Bea's favorite celebrities. And, of course, a rosary hangs next to the bed. Ya tu sabes.

Fit describes her character as opinionated. "She loves Pitbull, the Miami Heat, and going to the movies with her bestie, Bea. She wishes her parents would trust her more and let her go to Wynwood with her friends. She's never been but hears that it's superartsy, and she's literally the artsiest person she knows."

Beatrix, on the other hand, is the observant one, Fiallo says. "She's always down to chill and eat shit. Her parents don't let her do anything either — except for going over to Yalixa's house since there's pretty much a 99 percent chance that she's eat there and her mom won't have to cook. She loves the beach but mainly for picnics since she burns really easily."
The two characters might be different, but Fiallo assures us that both love pastelitos de guayaba and croquetas de jamón. Because, if not, they would be the worst Hialeahians ever.

Since Hialeahwood just launched, Fit and Fiallo say they will try to pump out a video as often as they can. "I feel like these girls would have something to say any time a big blockbuster comes out," Fit says. So there's a good chance they'll review Captain America: Civil War soon.

As for their must-see summer movies? Yalixa totally recommends The Legend of Tarzan, "because that hot guy from True Blood is gonna have his shirt off the whole movie," says Fit.

Bea has her eye on something steamier: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, "because pizza," Fiallo adds.

Watch the first episode on YouTube now. Subscribe to Chrissie Fit's channel for updates. 

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Carolina del Busto is a freelance writer for Miami New Times. She nurtured her love of words at Boston College before moving back home to Miami and has been covering arts and culture in the Magic City since 2013.