Miami Light Project Invites You to Dance Your @$$ Off

It always feels good to do a selfless charitable act. But it feels pretty darn awesome when that philanthropic act of kindness involves food, drink, and an all-night dance party.

So in an act of not-quite-complete-selflessness, an expectant 300 patrons of the arts will be coming out to party with Miami Light Project on Saturday, June 2, all with an underlying desire to contribute to the rise of Miami performers and artists.

And for its second annual Dance Your @ss Off party, the South Florida cultural nonprofit is upping the stakes. "Last year we knocked it out of the ballpark," said Rebekah Lengel of Miami Light Project in reference to the $18,000 collected in the event's start-up year. "That's why this year we've raised our goal. We're aiming for $20,000."

On a lengthy list of the event's featured DJs are Grammy nominees DJ Spam and Mr. Pauer, in addition to returning artist Brimstone127. On top of boasting an abundance of performers, Miami Light Project hopes to reach its mark by attracting philanthropists from all pay grades.

"A lot of party-goers are definitely people who support Miami Light Project...but it's also an opportunity for people who really want to support arts in general but who aren't on the upper end financially," said Lengel. "For new philanthropists, the party makes for an entry into a major supporting program."

Not only will the bar be open all night, but so will food trucks Ms. Cheezious and Coolhaus Miami, both of which plan to donate a percentage of the night's earnings back to the cause.

The event will begin at 9 p.m. at the Goldman Warehouse in Wynwood Arts District. The price to party is $50, and tickets can be purchased at www.miamilightsproject.com.

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