Miami Free Times: People From Venus to the Moons of Jupiter

Are your bellies full but wallets empty from this weekend's SoBe Wine & Food fest? We scoured our resources to find you some cheap thrills for the week.

Monday: Bardot gets off on being hard to find. But considering that Fridays and Saturdays are usually packed in this bar, they should find a better disguise. Mondays are bound to be less crowded and tonight, there's a free listening party for People From Venus with a DJ set by Ray Milian. (BTW: You really should be frequenting Milian's Off the Radar blog; it's rife with free mp3s.)

Tuesday: Just when you thought that promoters had cashed in on every imaginable hook for nightlife parties, they've come up with one that celebrates Brazilian slums. But hey, it might be fun. Give no-cover Favela Chic a try this Tuesday.

Wednesday: Here's the recipe for looking sexy: high heels, loose hair, and constant eye contact. Learn more helpful details at a free exotic dancing class. RSVP to renee@artofexoticdancing.com.

Thursday: See the work of pioneering performance artist María Teresa Hincapié at the Frost Museum, where there's never an admission price.

Friday: The first Friday of every month, the planetarium at the Miami Science Museum hosts Weintraub Astronomy Night, a free star show and a chance to see the four moons of Jupiter through one of their powerful telescopes.

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