Miami City Ballet Executive Director Nick Goldsborough Resigns

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Just a few months after the controversial appointment of Lourdes Lopez as the MCB's director, the ballet's executive director, Nick Goldsborough, has abruptly stepped down, the Miami Herald reports. Goldsborough, who joined the company in the fall, was hired to improve the finances of the struggling organization.

But now he's resigned, and nobody's saying why. The inner workings of the company are no doubt very complex and political. But to the outsider, the MCB seems to be imploding behind a thin veil of silence.

The first signs of trouble came in September 2011, with Villella's resignation. The former director had founded the MCB, and led it for 25 years prior to stepping aside. The timing of his decision seemed off to many who noted the company's popular reception during its springtime tour of Paris and other European cities. Rumors that Villella had been pushed out of the organization by its board of directors were unconfirmed, but remained prevalent enough to color the discussion.

Then came Lopez' appointment, taking Villella's place. Though Lopez is an experienced dancer with experience running dance companies in New York, many felt the artistic director job should have gone to Villella's preferred successor, Jennifer Kronenberg, a principal dancer with MCB. Again, rumors of a Board vs. Villella feud flared up, and when Lopez officially takes over in May of 2013, it's expected it'll be on shaky ground.

Now, Goldsborough is out too, and once again, there's a shady cast over the developments. This afternoon, Jonah Pruitt, MCB financial officer, told New Times, "We are going through a restructuring process, and we have some financial issues to deal with. And that's all I have to say." When asked about an email sent to MCB staff informing them about his resignation, Goldsborough's only response to the Herald was, "Apparently that is correct."

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