Meet Your Favorite Cam Girls at South Beach Camming Con

What's better than watching a hot babe do whatever you ask on webcam? Why, meeting that hot babe in the sexy flesh at the first-annual Camming Con, of course.

Yes, drooling masses. You can meet your favorite cam girl superstars at the Eden Roc hotel in Miami Beach, and participate in the first-ever camming convention in the country. Playboy's Brooke Knight will be there. You can meet MyFreeCams' Lily Figuera, Kat Daniels, and Stacey Havoc, too, but with at least 100 models participating, that's just scratching the surface.

Fan packages include four days at the luxury SoBe hotel, daily brunch, dinner and spa discounts, free wifi, access to VIP events, and duh, face time with your faves.

Camming industry insiders, models, and superfans will invade Miami Beach from Thursday, July 31, to Sunday, Aug. 3, and founder Clinton Cox can imagine no greater place to host the first-ever event of its kind.

"I know a lot of people in Miami," he said, noting that he's been a resident for more than 14 years. "Everyone wants a reason to come to Miami anyway, nationwide, so it just seemed like the perfect destination."

Cox is a veteran of the camming industry. He's been running things in both the mainstream and adult sectors at his production company, Cheetah Lounge, since the late '90s. Around 2006, he was asked to be head of business development for an industry leader, home to reality television projects, Naked.com, Reality Kings, Miami's own Bang Bros, and more. Turns out, Cox is really great at producing this stuff, and now, cam might be his favorite part of the business.

"It's a massive, growing industry," he said, and Cox should know. He's put more than 3,200 models on the web and has generated more than $62 million in revenues. He's produced two Playboy shows and even won himself some AVNs (Adult Video News awards), but it was at those very AVN conventions that he noticed the need for a cam-centric conference.

"If you ever see cams at any expo, it's like an after-thought," he said. "There's -- no exaggeration -- at least three million models that cam and at last 20 million consumers. It's so massive, and it's mind blowing to me. I traveled to all these different conferences and I was like, Tthis makes no sense to me. This is a massive business. I'm the one that's going to do it.'"

He got on the ball just in time, too, because similar camming conferences have been announced this year in Latin America and Romania. Cox called it a "critical mass" moment in the camming sector, and he can't wait to be a part of its future.

"I want to evolve the industry," he said. "I'm already a player but I would just build more volume within that industry, being the person the produced it."

Besides giving fans the chance to meet their special e-goddesses, Camming Con will offer tons of insight for industry professionals, or those looking to break into the industry, through panel discussions, expos, and more. Established or hopeful producers and models can learn how to generate more dollars, maximize traffic, how to get the perfect lighting, camera angles, how to strengthen their brand, and more. Plus, there's going to be a lot of fun to be had - especially for the ladies.

"I'm trying to give them the greatest VIP experience," Cox said. "Everything that when someone says 'I'm going to Miami' dreams that they're going to do."

With so much work, play, models, fans, industry insiders, brunches, and entertainment all on beautiful South Beach, what more could you ask for?

"It's a very serious conference," Cox said, "a lot of industry, a lot of break-out conferences. The fan day should be just a spectacle, to see all these models and crazy internet people. To see that many people from the Internet in one place is going to be cartoon-like to me."

Camming Con. Thursday, July 31, to Sunday, August 3, at the Eden Roc Miami Beach, 4525 Collins Ave, Miami Beach. Tickets cost $125 per day or $225 for two days and seminars. Visit cammingcon.com.

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