Meet the Surge, Miami's Newest Sports Team

When it comes to sports, we're no New York. In the MLB, we're a joke; the NFL an afterthought; the NBA, well ... who knows what we'll be without our golden boy.

But now, we've got the potential to come out on top a brand new sport: "strategic team athletics racing" (a.k.a. grid). Miami is one of only eight cities in the National Pro Grid League (NPGL), a brand-spankin' new endeavor that pits co-ed, musclebound teams of athletes against each other in a series of weightlifting and body weight challenges (think gymnastics moves and heavy-weighted maneuvers).

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"It's built around being spectator friendly, easy to follow and very dramatic as far as the ending and how the winner is found. The other cool aspect is that it's really the first co-ed sport, so women compete alongside men," says the team's general manager, Mather Wiswall.

There are five men and five women per team, and at least one of each is over the age of 40.

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As far as the matches go, basically, each team has to power through 11 strategic races on a basketball-sized court. They work together to beat the Grid, engaging in weightlifting and body weight challenges. Athletes can be subbed out along the way, so there's a lot of strategy involved, says Wiswall.

Miami's team roster boasts all kinds of athletes. "There's something for everybody to relate to," says Wiswall. "We've got moms of three in the league, one grandparent -- all different types of professions."

The team won their first game against the Boston Iron last Sunday 21-15, so they're 1 and 0. They take on the New York Rhinos in their first hometown match this Saturday at UM's Bank United Center, and they're offering up a 15 percent ticket discount especially for New Times readers -- check out the code below.

The Miami Surge is playing the New York Rhinos Saturday, August 30, at 7 p.m. at Bank United Center, 1245 Dauer Drive. Tickets run $19, $26, $35 and $104. New Times readers get a 15 percent off discount with the code Hann14. Visit or call 305-284-8686.

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