Magic City Week Six: All Is Revealed, Including the Butcher's Penis

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It's Fight Night here at Magic City, and everyone has

gambling fever! Except for maybe Stevie who almost definitely has herpes (as do

most characters on this show) and also Danny, who has a raging case of being a giant

wet blanket who can't get past second base.

Oh, and remember how Ike sort of

killed that guy and put Lily on a bus out of town? Turns out the District

Attorney's office finds that a wee bit suspicious. But Ike shouldn't worry;

it's not like anyone's going to investigate the matter or anything.

Ike's pushing hard for gambling to become legalized in Miami,

as that would stop the income flow for the Butcher, thus giving him more

incentive to sell his shares of the Miramar and get out of Ike's grill. As with

all political matters on this show, this means wooing a seemingly morally

upright senator who is secretly corrupt, racist, and very southern. Yeah, we've

seen this plot before. Thank God for this show; it's easily putting every

mid-50s southern character actor's children through college. Needless to

say, the senator refuses at first, and then says the n-word. Who is this guy,

an anonymous YouTube commenter?

This is also a big day for Vera, which means that it is a

day that will end in humiliation and heartbreak for Vera. She's throwing a tea

party or ladies luncheon or Tupperware sales pitch for Jackie Kennedy and is

very excited about it, making sure that all of the flowers are just perfect. Of

course, Jackie cancels, leaving Vera distraught and unable to appreciate her new

guest, "Ted Kennedy's Wife." Poor Vera. Ike doesn't help when he tries to frame

the luncheon as insignificant even though, let's face it, it totally is. But

during dinner the boxing champion recognizes her from her days dancing at the

Tropicana, and thus all is better.

Let's get down to what you're dying to hear about:

what Danny is up to. Well, he has a very long conversation with his father about the

possibility of interning in White Dude: District Attorney's office, which Ike

isn't thrilled about. This goes on for a while, because long, drawn out

conversations with your parents about internship opportunities is compelling

television. He celebrates by dry humping with Mercy in his big brother's room,

because Danny is 15 years old. This allows Danny to intercept blackmail photos

of Stevie and Lily, which probably scandalized the poor kid, being the one

character on this show who we'd bet on having never seen tits before.

But we can't talk about nudity in this episode without

talking about Danny Huston's penis: you get to see it! Kudos, Danny Huston, for

going all in on playing the Butcher as nutty as humanly possible. The Butcher

also has gotten the gambling bug, faking out people by making it seem like he's

going to bet big on the underdog, just so he can get better odds on the

champion. It works! Everyone falls for it!

Even Ike, who also reversed his position on legalized

gambling for whatever reason, dips into his slowly disappearing big bag of

money to take the sucker bet. Stevie tries to stop his father upon hearing the

news after eating out Lilly in a department store changing room, but it's too

late. Post-coitus in a changing room is where we like to get bad news too.

Ike ends the

episode listening to the fight in the bar, resigned to taking a damaging loss

on the fight, totally unaware White Dude: District Attorney dredged up the

quarry, finding the car and body of Judi's attempted assassin. We wonder if

this will affect the numerous investigations Ike is facing. We'll just have to

wait until next week to find out!

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.