Lost Star Who Married 16-Year-Old Is Not First Turbo-Creeper in Showbiz

You've probably heard by now -- Doug Hutchison, the 51-year-old who played Percy "Worst Human Around" Wetmore in The Green Mile, has married a girl too young to get a full driver's license in every state but the Dakotas. Her name is Courtney Stodden, she's reportedly 16 years old, and her song "Car Candy" should be seriously considered as an alternative to waterboarding.

But Hutchison, who also played Horace Goodspeed in Lost, is not the only pop figure to have a weird marital situation. Here are four others that give him plenty of competition in the creep department.

1. Jerry Lee Lewis: The 23-year-old rock icon married his 13-year-old first cousin (the third of six marriages) and watched his career go down the tubes faster than a fat guy at a waterpark. He managed to recover bits and pieces of his career in the late '70s, and said at one concert that "Elvis was destroyed by one woman. Five got to me. And that ain't includin' my cousins," according to a 1978 profile in People magazine, back when they used words like "obstreperous."

2. Johann Sebastian Bach: The Baroque Bomber married his second cousin in 1707, though even former Republican presidential candidates have done THAT. Plus, doctors say there's nothing medically wrong with it, so you should totally do it too.

3. Woody Allen: There's nothing new to report here. You know the story: Mia Farrow dates Allen for a decade, then discovers that he took nude pictures of her adopted daughter, then Allen goes to Italy and marries the daughter. Also worth noting: Before absconding with Farrow's daughter, he had a kid with Farrow and named him SATCHEL.

Hey, Face! Whadda ya doin there, on that skull like dat?
4. Michael Jackson: It's just weird that he was ever married at all. Whether it was his marriage to Elvis's scowlmonster daughter Lisa Marie or the one to Debbie Rowe, Jackson, it seems, could never have a normal relationship with anyone. There are too many bizarre tabloid stories to link to here, but a good place to start would probably be a story about Rowe's reasons for having kids with Jackson and then getting the hell outta Dodge.

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