Light Box at Goldman Warehouse: Secure Your Office Space

For the last four years, the Goldman Warehouse on 26th Street in the Wynwood Arts District was being used as an annex museum and storage space for the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami. MOCA decided not to renew their lease last fall in order to focus on expanding their current Joan Lehman building in North Miami.

The fate of their former spot, a giant space of 12,000 sq. feet, is now sealed. It will become the Light Box at Goldman Warehouse, a multi-purpose venue that will house four to six cultural institutions, thanks to a $400,000 Knights Arts Grant awarded to the Miami Light Project and Goldman Properties last year. Light Box will be more than just drab office space; the Miami Light Project has plans for it to include a theater, rehearsal space, and art gallery as well.

Which lucky cultural organization will get to set up shop is this new space? The jury is still out with applications due a week from today, Friday, February 26. For more information on how to apply, call 305-576-4350 or email abennett@miamilightproject.com.

If all goes as planned, the new tenants of this hot house of culture-makers will be announced on April 23, and the Light Box will begin programming in January of next year.

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