Life's a Beach for Miami Beach the Musical Director David Kingery

How can you go wrong with a musical that promises to tell you the story

of all the "dreamers, scoundrels, bigots, saints, politicians and

millionaires" who have made Miami Beach what it is today? Unlike the novels Diary of a South Beach Party Girl or South Beach: The Novel,

which focus on the city's clichéd history of sex, drugs, and nightclubs,

Miami Beach the Musical recounts the lives of all the unique and

colorful characters that have left a real mark on the city since its

incorporation in 1915. The question is not why would anyone create a

musical about the city of Miami Beach, but why hasn't anyone done so

until now?

Read on for a few words with the play's director, David


New Times: How was the project developed?

David Kingery: We are a very diverse arts group that produces many types

of events. Our musical reviews are quite popular and our mission is to

promote arts in the community. So, in a brainstorming session with our

creative team, we came up with doing an original musical about Miami

Beach using local talent. We also hoped to get local business and

organizations involved.

How did you become involved?

I am a co-creator, co-writer, artistic director and a performer in

the show. I've been spearheading this project from day one. I've been in Miami Beach for 20 years and love living here. I think the

history of this place is fascinating, yet not well known by many

residents and visitors. Hopefully, we'll educate people about Miami

Beach's past through an uplifting musical comedy.

What should the audience expect?

A Broadway-style musical with singing, dancing, comedy, drama,

lights, costumes, photos from Miami Beach's past, plotlines, villains,

surprises, magic and a great


Arts at St. John's (4760 Pinetree Dr., Miami Beach) brings the city to

life on Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m., and Sunday at 3 p.m. Tickets cost

$20 in advance or $25 at the door. Visit or

call 305-613-2325.

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