Launch Arte to Open Market in Design District

The Market SoHo
You expect to find open-air markets in walking cities such as London, Paris, or New York, where you can search through handmade trinkets and vintage tchotkes and accessories at your leisure. Luckily for Miamians, Launch Arte wants to give you a Brooklyn Flea experience smack in the middle of Miami's Design District.

Launch Arte was founded by New Yorkers Alex Pabon and Chelsea Conklin to give artists, designers, and entrepreneurs a channel to show and sell their wares. Pabon and Conklin originally met at a market and explain, "It's where the true essence and culture of a city lives." They developed Launch Miami Market because of their affinity for our fine city. The founders believe that the Miami market will give the community and tourists an avenue to some of the most talented and creative individuals in the city.

As they put it, "Launch Arte is a symbiotic company, each element

feeding off the other. The artists, designers, and founders all work

together threading the community with local talent." It's also a great

way for designers to launch their work to the public in a cost-effective


Both founders have an impressive background and a keen eye for success. Pabon founded and manages The Market NYC

in SoHo, which caters to local, young designers and to consumers

looking for unique or vintage pieces. Pabon also served as the chief

operating officer of EDGE*nyNOHO, a co-op department store that

accommodated over 65 independent designers and artists.


whose whirlwind career has included professional dancing, the music

industry, and styling, is currently working on a clothing line called

Tarot Vintage. Her experience reconstructing vintage finds and her

knowledge of the Miami scene made her the perfect addition to the

founding team.

Chelsea Conklin and Alex Pabon

to open November 6 and run until April 2011, the Miami Launch Arte

Market will have vendors selling handmade and vintage art, jewelry,

clothing, and other choice finds. The founders chose the Design District

for its thriving local creatives.

Anyone who's been to Brooklyn

Flea knows that the food trucks are just as important as the shopping.

At the Miami market, various culinary artists and local growers will be

in attendance. According to Pabon and Conklin, "We like food, and we

wanted people to have access to local farmers and produce." Conklin

actually grew up with Ben of Ben and Jerry's and Annie of Annie's Salad

dressing, so she'd like to help small, foodie businesses through the Miami


The Launch Miami Market will be open every Saturday from

11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at 121 NE 36th Street. Emerging designers can still

get in on the action by contacting

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