Jillian Mayer and I Am Your Grandma Spoofed on Web Soup (Video)

Well, the TV gods must have their dials turned to "Miami." After

Adult Swim featured a video from Coral Morphologic

, we flipped by

Web Soup

a few days ago and saw Miami's very own

Jillian Mayer

. The G4 show played her

I Am Your Grandma

video and followed it with their own spoof (which is the highest form of flattery, right?). In the above, host Chris Hardwick follows Mayer's video message for her grandkids with "That's adorable. She thinks the human race is going to be around in two generations. Also, my erection just hung itself."

The show, which both celebrates and lampoons web clip culture, then

takes I Am Your Grandma a step further. It dramatizes Mayer's

grandchildren finally receiving the video as their grandmother's last

will. In this scenario, Mayer also leaves the

grandkids a box of her freaky masks (local performer Sean Wildchild

styled her for the vid), which the lawyer uses to perform "I Am Your


Hang on there, television. Are you mocking one of our 100 Creatives -- an

artist we highlighted in our People Issue? No, no it's cool. "I Am Your

Lawyer" is hilarious, plus Mayer has no pretensions about her art. The

artist, whose work was featured at the world's Guggenheim art museums

before she even had a solo show, knows that her work is as

much about entertainment as it is about high concepts. As she told us: "We're so inundated with

awesome and loud things. If you're going to take someone's time away

from them, give them a show."

We first witnessed I Am Your Grandma at Mayer's solo show at David Castillo

Castillo gallery, then saw it on the big screen for Borscht, and finally

online at Vice. Once it was up on YouTube, the trippy generational time

capsule garnered over 700,000 views.

Mayer's I Am Your Grandma Facebook page has over 3,000 followers who regularly

freak out over pictures of the artist's actual grandma and news that

the "I Am Your Grandma" ringtone is available on iTunes (scored by local band ANR's Michael John Hancock). And that, dear friends, is how you conquer the Internet.

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