Hippies On Parade: The Greynolds Park Love-In Returns

Fifty years later, the '60s still reign supreme as the decade of free love, free drugs, and freedom from authority. Sadly, the rebelliousness of that bygone era is little more than a memory, and these days, "the man" has most of us by the balls.

But former flower children can now rejoice: the Swinging Sixties are making a comeback in Miami next weekend for a one-day "love in."

Break out those bellbottoms, 'cause things are about to get groovy.

Once the site of poetry readings and protests, Miami's Greynolds Park

is now home to this annual hippie fest, in its ninth incarnation. Not

quite the "love-in" John Lennon had in mind, this family-friendly

shindig will feature music, food, vendors, and all kinds of

nostalgia-inducing fanfare.

Sixties sounds will fill the air; baby

boomer Felix Cavaliere and his Rascals are headlining. (If you're a

little too young to remember their tunes, hits included "Groovin'" and

"It's a Beautiful Morning.") You can also groove to the sounds of Been

There Done That, Swinging Richards (sadly, not the strip club),

BlackStar, and Orange Sunshine.

In addition, attendees will be

entertained by a costume contest and classic car display. From gnarly

beards to beehives, this was an era of fashion don'ts, so the contest

is sure to put the funk on display. If you're feeling adventurous, get

all dolled up in your tie-dyed best and strut your stuff past the cherry

rides on sight.

Vendors will be on hand selling grub and cheesy '60s

merch that'll make you forget how many decades have passed since peace

signs were an acceptable accessory.

Bring blankets, chairs and tents

-- no coolers, and leave the pups at home. The party is free, kicks off

at noon and runs through 6:30pm. If you've got the family in tow, drop

the wee ones in the kid zone, and relive your Woodstock fantasies (sans

the chemically-induced euphoria, of course).

And if you're going solo,

hell, why not seek out a little free love as the ultimate tribute to the

decade that brought us the sexual revolution? Make JFK proud.

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