Have a Super Intense Laffgasm with Andy Pita

​"This is the full package," observes Andy Pita of the upcoming comedic extravaganza Laffgasm taking place at the former Riviera Cinema. With music, standup and sketch comedy, and videos screening, it certainly sounds like no media is left behind. The marriage of the Have Nots comedy troupe and musician and comedian Pita promise no dull moments. Pita says, "You're going to laugh, dance, pee in your pants."

The 24-year old Hialeah born Pita is known as a musician with Latin crooners Los Primeros and for his intense comedic YouTube characters. Pita's hit video "Eslow Motion" was even featured on MTV's My Super Sweet Sixteen.

Pita was approached by the Have Nots to put together Laffgasm. Though it's something he has always wanted to do, Pita admits, "This is actually the first time I will be hosting a comedy show, ever." He's also never done stand up before, but as a born performer, it's likely to come naturally, and he's excited about this new venture.

"I'm going to be playing my characters that I'm known for on YouTube in between sets," he points out. This includes a pep rally speaker, a Cuban Fabio type, and what he describes as "a workout fitness freak who looks like he's on coke." Strap on your seat belts, friends. He'll also be out there as himself, Andy Pita, a musician and funny dude.

Pita is also a musical artist, writer, and composer who works full time on his band Los Primeros, declared Miami New Times' Best Local Pop Band in 2008. They call their style Latin urban pop. The trio has fans of all ages. They've even played a one year old's birthday party, and Pita says, "We're very aggressive with the quinces." Popular locally and abroad, they have an upcoming tour in Spain in the works. Of Los Primeros, Pita assures us, "We are definitely on the rise."

Pita is committed to both performance outlets, as each provides its respective thrill. "I get this adrenaline rush when I'm onstage and people are singing my music and then I get this other type of high when I make people laugh with my videos."

Joining this YouTube sensation onstage to make you pee pee in your panties are Ricky Cruz featured on Comedy Central and HBO, Nery Saenz Miami New Times' best of stand-up comic 2011, and the backbones of the Have-Nots Dominic Perenzin and Mike Mercadal.

The show takes place at Area Stage Company's Riviera Theatre (1560 South Dixie Highway, Coral Gables) on August 27 at 8 p.m. General admission is $15 and VIP is $20. Visit areastagecompany.com. 

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