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Harmony Korine on Spring Breakers' "Girls in Bikinis Robbing Tourists"

To most of the world, spring break seems like a lot of fun, but Miamians understand the dark side. Damn college kids pass through for a week to drink liquor, trash the streets, and wear T-shirts announcing, "I survived spring break," gleefully blind to the fact that they are the very thing that makes South Beach difficult to survive.

But Harmony Korine, writer and director of Kids, Gummo, and Trash Humpers, sees an even darker side. There's a lot of evil out there in the streets, and evil can be one seductive mofo.

His new movie, Spring Breakers, starring James Franco and Selena Gomez, might look like a flashy, skin-oriented good time, but below the surface, it's much more sinister.

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