Happy Birthday, Billy Ray Cyrus! We Salute You With 25 Amazing Mullets

Well, throw your daughter on a stripper pole y'all, cause some hootin' n hollarin' is in order today. Especially if you're Billy Ray Cyrus -- and no, not because his son knocked up a 23 year-old product of the Disney factory. Shots of moonshine chased by chew are in order because today is Cyrus's 50th birthday!

Yee dogiie.

But Holy People-of-Wal-Mart what/who the hell is that to the right? This is not the Billy Ray you have grown to love on Hannah Montana. This is surely a lookalike we found at a NASCAR race. Or at a shooting range. Or chewing fresh bark off a tree between gator wrestling shows for tourists down in the Everglades, right? Nope, this is what Billy Ray used to look like before Disney neutered his business-in-the-front-party-in-the-back soul. The image change not only turned him into a powder puff with a douchy looking landing strip goatee but it also collectively broke all of our achy-breaky hearts. But the spirit of his amazing mullet is still alive and well. Check out these amazing mullets:

Quite possibly the most patriotic school picture ever taken...in Alabama

dr_XeNo flickr

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your mullet

Bird nesting in the front, party in the back
Matching poodle mullets!
Hipster mullet
Hardcore mullet
Mullet? Check! Jean jacket? Check! Dead coyote? Check! Being the most awesome picture ever taken? Check!

Motley Mullets

All we are are mullets in the wind....

Perhaps not Chinese, but an accidental hipster? We think so

Little people, big mullet
Hey! Who dug up our old senior picture???

Classic mullet
Modern mullet
Rick James look-a-like says: Mullet. It's a hell of a drug.

Mullet's second-cousin, the Rat Tail

She believes that children are our future
Houston, we have a mullet
Mullets are golden

Mullet by the sea, bro
He's reflecting on why he got a mullet
Soccer dads have mullets too
80s open mike comedy night mullet
Hair club for mullets

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