Five Celebrity Crushes Creepier Than Jim Carrey's Love of Emma Stone

By now most of you all have seen Jim Carrey's love letter to

Emma Stone. Creepy, right? At first we were hopeful that he was just introducing

a new character, the earnest old guy talking about a girl not quite half his

age. Perhaps everybody needs to lay off Jim. Awkward celebrity crushes are a

hallmark of the tabloids. Sometimes they serve to endear the celebrity

crush-haver to a public who can sympathize with the pains of unrequited love.


that Moammar Gadhafi has the hots for Condoleezza Rice makes him a little more

human. More often than not though, they just perplex and disgust

everyone. We have gone through our love files to bring you the celebrity

crushes that make Jim Carrey look smooth in comparison.

5. Snooki and Drake

The courtship of Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi and Aubrey 'Drake'

Graham has been a tedious, drawn out affair. Last year Snooki admitted to having feelings for the

Canadian rap sensation in a hard-hitting interview with OK! magazine.

Much like

Shakespeare's star crossed lovers passions finally boiled over at the red

carpet of the 2011 Grammys where the two engaged in a flirtatious conversation

in earshot of Drake's mother, who was eerily the same height and wearing a very

similar dress as Snooki. Somewhere MTV producers are salivating at the spinoff potential of putting the three in one house.

4. Osama Bin Laden and Whitney Houston

An hall-of-fame creepy celebrity crush was revealed in 2006

when a former sex slave of the Al-Qaeda mastermind revealed his obsession with

Miss Houston. Bin Laden apparently had plans to meet her in America and

introduce her to her true Islamic self. The fact that Whitney was married at

the time to Bobby Brown was just a minor roadblock to Bin Laden, he even went

as far as to scheme to have Bobby killed (true R&B fans know that wouldn't

be easy. New Edition always has Bobby's back).

Alas, this was one love that

wasn't meant to be, Osama's death earlier this year ensuring the only way that

Bin Laden would see Whitney would be if Hell has matinee screenings of Waiting

to Exhale.

3. Brett Michaels and Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian's recent nuptials to Kris Humphrey must have

been a dagger in the heart of the "always looking for love as long as there are

VH1 cameras around" lead singer of Poison. The Bandana'd One gushed after

meeting Kim on his tour bus this March exclaiming that she has 'one of the

prettiest faces ever.'

But as Bret Michaels knows, every rose has its thorn.

Kim continued on with whichever pro-athlete was in a five feet radius of her,

leaving Bret to pick up his broken heart with whatever passes as a Poison

groupie these days.

2. Selena Gomez and Shia LaBeouf

Despite being apart of the Romance of the Century with

Justin Beiber even Selena Gomez found herself enamored with another man -- the

Transformers star and wispy facial hair aficionado Shia LaBeouf.

This YouTube video of the two finally meeting is heartwarmingly charming until you

remember that Shia is an asshole who racks up DUIs, drunkenly gets in public

fist fights, and bragged about sleeping with Megan Fox when she was still seeing

Brian Austin Green. Way to know how to pick them, Selena! Stick with Beiber,

the worse trouble he'll get you in is breaking curfew.

1. Charlie Sheen and Sarah Hyland

When Charlie Sheen joined Twitter this year as a part of his

drug-fueled mental collapse, people were roundly disgusted when he chose then 19-year-old Modern Family star Sarah Hyland as a handful of people to

follow along side the usual suspects of porn stars.

Sarah did the rational

thing to do when finding out a 45-year-old drug addict with a history of

abusing women may be interested in you and quickly rebuked his come-ons. Rest easy Emma Stone. Jim Carrey's

relatively chaste speech about marrying you if he was younger seems like

Nicholas Sparks could have written it when compared to the charms of Charlie


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