Eva Longoria Chooses Miami Photographer's Snapshot for Film Project

Most red-blooded dudes would do almost anything to get the likes of Eva Longoria to look their way. And now, her gorgeous gaze has settled on South Florida's own Miami Beach running legend, The Raven.

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Alas, she's not dating the driven dude, but she did choose a snapshot of him by Miami Beach's own Mary Beth Koeth to serve as character inspiration for a short film.

As part of Canon's Project Imaginat10n , photographers submitted snapshots to a group of celebs who picked their favorites to serve as inspiration for a short film. The big names include Ms. Longoria, Jamie Foxx, and Biz Stone (co-founder of Twitter), among others. Ron Howard is serving as their mentor, and each A-lister will create a film inspired by ten photos in ten different categories.

In the character category, Longoria chose Koeth's "The Collector." The photo is part of a series of six chronicling veteran runner The Raven and his "collection," which includes a whole host of random items he's gathered throughout the years.

"He's a collector. His apartment is like an archive, there's stuff everywhere. Some people call it hoarding, but he calls it collecting, which I totally love. The way he does it, it's like organized chaos. Everything is very segmented. He collects all kinds of things - sunglasses he's found on the beach, letters people have sent him, articles," Koeth explains.

"It's very specific so I decided to go along with that and do a series called The Collector. Each image is a different collection of his, and there are six images in the series."

The winning image highlights his sunglass collection.

A recent graduate from Miami Ad School, Koeth is embarking on a second career as a photographer. In addition to the photography series, she and partner Laura Lee P. Huttenbach are creating a documentary about the legendary dude.

Koeth and The Raven were both pretty stoked about Longoria's pick. The film will go into production in 2013, and Koeth will be on hand to check it out at the Canon Project Imaginat10n Film Festival in 2013.

"He's just such a sweet humble man. We see him in such a different light. It's great that someone else is interested in his character and what he does. So many people have this complete and utter respect for him and I think that's what he deserves. What he's brought to so many peoples lives ... just the inspiration and he's helped so many people get through what they're going through in life. He's always there. He's excited that she picked it. We can't wait to see what she comes up with."

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