Elsa Patton Collapses at The Real Housewives of Miami Premiere Party (Video)

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Get ready for a pretty epic mental picture: It was a beautiful Miami night. A tad steamy, but breezy, and the sunset was upon us at The Forge in Miami Beach. Just when you thought the evening couldn't feel any more like Miami, the Real Housewives of Miami began to arrive in droves for their premiere party.

At first, things went exactly as planned: The ladies smiling for the cameras and talking trash behind each others' backs, all to promote the season two premiere on Thursday, September 13. We even talked to the show's most entertaining star, Elsa Patton, who encouraged us to stay single and steal jewelry. But Mama Patton's high spirits didn't last throughout the party. Once inside, her daughter and co-star Marysol Patton told us, Elsa collapsed to the floor.

At first, all was going fine. Sure, it felt like the Sahara Desert in there, but drinks were flowing, wives were mingling, and Elsa was getting all the attention she deserves. So when she collapsed to the floor, all took notice. What happened? None of us knew. So we called Marysol Patton this morning to get to find out.

"There were a couple of things that happened," she told Cultist. "She hadn't really eaten all day, and wasn't feeling good to begin with. When we arrived, she was a little nervous because she has never walked a red carpet before. Once inside, she was swarmed by people. Then, plus the fact it was so hot, we were all suffocating. Then all of a sudden, she just collapsed. She is getting older; it happens."

No need to worry: Mama Elsa is back in action: "Don't worry, mom is fine," Marysol says. "We went to the hospital right after it happened and got home around 3 a.m."

It's official: reality TV's most recognizable mother is completely OK. So you can watch our interview with the lady herself without worry, grief, or guilt.

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