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Dexter's Final Season, Episode Two: "Dexter, You're Perfect"

It was like Flashback Friday on last night's episode of Dexter. "Every Silver Lining" opened with an old video of a handsomely dressed Harry talking to a hidden-from-view Dr. Vogel. Harry recounts the first time he snuck Dexter onto a crime scene. Dexter was only ten years old when he asked to see a real homicide scene, and when Harry took him -- hoping it would scare him -- he just stood there, un-phased by all the blood, "like he was admiring a painting."

Perhaps the most interesting thing we learn from the vintage video is that Dexter has always been fascinated by blood. Harry discovered Dexter's very first trophy: blood spatter on a piece of glass he stole from the crime scene. Sound familiar?

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