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Death to Disco Wednesdays Brings Art and Music to Miami Beach

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Something special is going on here. Tony Goldman may have sadly passed last year, but his last cultural mission in Miami's Wynwood area continues to blossom down the path of a growing artistic force with a mind and manner of its own.

It's an exciting time in this district, and the people who find themselves making a home there are embracing the new ideas the city has brought to them. Olivia Kirzhneva and Kairo Gudino, for instance, are two young artists so inspired by the community around them, they've been feverishly creating for months.

Of course, once you've created, the only thing left to do is share, and they're kicking off a new exhibition at Mister Wolfe tonight, Wednesday, July 31, free for everyone to enjoy.

Kirzhneva and Gudino aren't new to the creative worlds, but working together in their current mediums is a new experience for both. Kirzhneva, originally from Russia, studied art in London and got her start showing around Europe before recently relocating to our city. Meanwhile, Gudino has made quite a name for himself in the music scene as DJ and producer Chalk.

"After we met, we got along," Kirzhneva said of their chance meeting back in April. "He started opening up to me in other ways, not just musically. I saw him doing little things here and there and it kind of brought another spark back to me. I started to look at my work differently."

The show at Mister Wolfe will be the pair's second show together in the past month. The artistic partnership has been beneficial to both of them, and is definitely something both will continue to pursue.

"It happened by accident but it's a happy accident," she said. "We kind of have fun seeing what the other is doing. It's kind of harmonious."

As for Gudino, he said meeting Olivia was nothing short of an inspiration.

"I've always messed around with art for a while, besides my music and stuff, making little images or doing stuff online, and taking pictures as well, but I guess I never thought of myself as an artist," he said. "Olivia made me realize it's not really a label that you have to think about, it's moreso just action."

They had their first show together at Cafeina, where their work continues to be on display, and this second show at Mister Wolfe came almost as serendipitously as their creative partnership.

"I've been DJing vinyl sets there for the past two weeks, and it wasn't until last week that me and Olivia were there and we just realized the place was really empty and we wanted to bring in our art," Gudino said. "We thought it'd be cool to spice up the place, because it really deserves it."

The newly-opened lounge is open to the public of all ages, even during this new weekly Wednesday party, Death to Disco. The party is hosted by AE Collective and Pelvic Thrust, the latter of which Gudino and Kirzhneva consider themselves representatives.

"Pelvic Thrust is not just a DJ collective. It's an actually collective of artists and individuals," Gudino said. "It's a family really, and yeah we have a lot to do with music, but we've been expanding the art side of it. These are just little things that we're doing to push forward."

Brad Strickland will be spinning tunes while Gudino and Kirzhneva show off their latest works, simply hoping to inspire others. Gudino thinks little shows and events like this, put together by locals and open to everyone, will continue the community's exciting, emerging scene.

"Wynwood has been coming alive and growing and we're a collective out of here," he said. "If it wasn't for this city and how things are right now, this wouldn't have happened."

Death to Disco Wednesdays at Mister Wolfe, Townhouse Hotel, 150 20 St., Miami Beach. The party starts at 10:30 p.m., and admission is free. Call 305-534-3800 or visit facebook.com.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.