DASH Alum Sarah Marie Ballard's Graphic T-Shirts with Halloween Spirit

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There comes a point in every Miami gal and guy's life were wearing a Halloween costume loses its gusto. Sigh, it's a sign of maturity. Sure back in the day, donning the slutty, err I mean sexy, Alice in Wonderland or witch getup was fun. It was also funny seeing the fellas trying to channel Hugh Hefner or dress up as the opposite sex. Heck, even those offensive penis attachments as part of their costume were amusing. I lie. Those were never comical.

Yet, times have changed for some of us. So this year, those of you who aren't in the mood to go incognito can go with the more grown up option: a vintage tee or frock by Design District resident Sarah Marie Ballard. The 29-year-old graphic designer who was a former student at DASH has a series of garbs baring skulls, skeletons and ribcages all keeping with the holiday spirit.

New Times: When did you launch your line?

Sarah Marie Ballard: Lady of Fatima Apparel began as a concept early

this year. Upon returning from an awesome honeymoon spent with my new

family in Ireland and a brisk trip to Paris, I realized that I needed to

get my designs up and running.

What do you specialize in?

I'm a graphic designer, but an artist first. I like to try any medium I

can. I've always had mad love for printmaking, photography and fashion

particularly vintage. I love vintage anything from vintage cars, clothes

and art. I'd like to think I'm an old soul.

What's the inspiration behind your creations?

My designs are a mixture of hand picked historical vintage etchings,

drawings and my original graphic designs. I like to print on American

Apparel and vintage clothing. The printing on vintage just happened

recently and there is much more to come.

What's up with all dark images on your tees?

I chose to print skulls, skeletons, Medusa [and] anything morbid, I

guess I'm reverting back to the days I spent wearing heavy black

eyeliner, steel toe boots and fatigues.

How much does your line cost?

$16 to $25.

Where can it be purchased?
Wear & House in Aventura or directly from my Etsy shop

Future plans?
I'll be busting my arse for a storefront to bring Miami. Plus] I'll have a booth at the Arboleda Vintage & Handmade

festival in the Design District come this November.

-- Annie Vazquez

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Annie Vazquez
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