Damaged Debutantes Welcome Tonight at SET

It’s absolutely lame when life imitates fashion and someone goes all overkill on the “you are what you wear” theory. Who are you really if you act like a geek when you wear eyeglasses, a b-girl when your jeans are baggy, and Amy Winehouse when you rock a beehive? Your style is supposed to be an expression of self, an extension of the real you!

That’s why we’re totally into the concept of tonight’s Damaged Debutante Ball at SET in Miami Beach. We can believe that Miami’s fashion boy-wonder Hassan Pierre can round up a couple of world-weary 20-somethings who properly represent the night’s signature look, his “Caviar and Cocaine” and “Couture Kills” emblazoned tees paired with distressed ball gowns, graffiti'd prom dresses, and jeweled halter tuxedos.

"A person’s sense of style stems from inside,” says Pierre in a press release. “I hope to transform the landscape of traditional fashion with my line and encourage individuality, creativity, and independence with VIP Couture.” The night starts at 11:00 p.m. with a cocktail party, followed by the main event at midnight. Put together your own VIP Couture style at Rebel boutique or shop online. --Raina McLeod

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