Cuban Horror Flick Juan of the Dead Proves Dissidents Are Zombies (Video)

"Juan of the Dead. We kill your beloved ones. How can I help you?" That's a line from the star of what's being called Cuba's first horror flick, Juan of the Dead, and yeah, it's freaking awesome.

From the shots of Havana being overrun by zombies (mistaken for Americans, an easy mistake), to the salsa playing in the background of the gritty and gory trailer, everything about this flick makes us yearn for the bearded one to croak fast so we can take a slow boat to Cuba. We think Castro actually might have a cameo as a zombie. Oh wait. No, that's just his normal self. Check out the trailer after the jump:

If this flick is any indication, Cuba has a lot more to give us in terms

of cool film than any Hollywood studio project (and we're talking to you,

Transformers 3: Rise of the Idiocy). For one thing, the protagonist is a

goofy looking everyman. Not an everyman like American movies try to

sell, this is a real skin and bones, wife-beater wearing balsero.

We've been saying for some time now that some of the exiled dissident

groups are totally out of touch with the current world situation. And

now we have the proof. They're zombies, or so argues the Cuban government

in the trailer. So far as we can tell the movie will rock as much for

it gore and Shaun of the Dead type humor, as it will for giving us a

close up look at the Cuba we've been dying to see for so long. Even the CGI looks pretty damn good. Who knew they had computers on the island?

The film was directed by Alejandro Brujes. And according to LatinoReview.com,

the film should hit the festival circuit soon. Let's hope it finds it

way to Little Havana without those crazy Miami zombies putting a

kibosh on it a la Los Van Van.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.