Kyle Munzenrieder
NBC 6's Roxanne Vargas blushed every time they dropped an f-bomb.

Chi Chi Steals The Show at Scarface's 25th Anniversery

Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer might have been too busy to drop by Friday's 25th Anniversary screening of Scarface at The Gusman Center, but after a quarter century the true star of the film, Ángel Salazar, finally got his chance to shine. Salazar played Chi Chi, Tony Montana's vertically challenged henchmen who has maybe 5 lines in the entire film. Star power isn't always measured by screen time though. Through out the night he picked up an endorsement by Miami City Mayor Manny Diaz to be his successor, the total adoration of the packed audience, and a couple chicks to boot.

Miami raised actor Steven Bauer, who played Tony's right hand man Manny Ribera, was also on hand and encouraged the audience to treat the night like a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show by shouting out lines. Chants of "Chi Chi" during Salazar's all too brief screen time were only outdone by "Say hello to my little friend".

NBC 6's Roxanne Vargas tried her best to moderate a q&a session after the screening with the two actors but both were buzzing from all the adoration (usually usurped anytime Pacino is around) and probably the bar. Click the more button for Salazar's answers to questions no one really asked and a few more pictures from the night.

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Was Al Pacino doing cocaine on set to get into character?

Chi Chi: "Al never did cocaine. [Bauer] and me, we did it, but Al, never."

You know that blond chick on the tasteful circular bed with Manny in that one scene, the one with the perfect breasts, any one ever hit that?

Chi Chi: "I have a secret. Mariam, the girl on the bed. Steven slept with her. I'm just kidding. I did."

How many times has Mayor Diaz seen the movies?

Diaz: "About 30 times."

How many times has Chi Chi seen the movie?

Chi Chi: "Every time I want to get laid."

--Kyle Munzenrieder

Kyle Munzenrieder
"Manny Ribera" and the littlest Scarface.
Kyle Munzenrieder
The Lady on the right was an extra during the Ocean Drive scene when Tony took out the man who just chainsawed his friend. She shows Steven Bauer a photo.
Kyle Munzenrieder
Mayor Manny Diaz's little friend says "hello".
Kyle Munzenrieder
"Chi Chi" addresses his adoring public.

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