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Celluloid City: Jackass Number Two Filmed at Miami Marine Stadium, Downtown, Miami Beach

Over the years, Miami has served as the backdrop for hundreds of Hollywood movies. In Celluloid City, we spotlight some of the classics shot right in our own backyard.

We honestly cannot understand why anyone would enjoy watching a bunch of guys doing stupid things such as having a bowling ball dropped on their nuts or flying kites with their ass (don't ask). But people apparently do, as Jackass 3D, the third installment of this exercise in futility, comes out this Friday.

(Read our interview with Johnny Knoxville.)

In honor of this shameful pivotal moment in our nation's pop culture, this week's Celluloid City celebrates Jackass Number Two, a locally produced piece of crap.

As in the other Jackass installments and the TV show, there is no plot in Jackass Number Two. The film basically captures staged moments of a group of guys acting like, well jackasses. The pranks are centered around Johnny Knoxville, and his crew consists of Bam, Steve-O, Chris, and a bunch of other guys we have absolutely no interest in. I guess something should be said for the fact that these guys risk life and limb attempting these stunts. OK, we'll say it. You guys are really, really dumb.

Here's the trailer:

Several of the film's scenes were shot in Miami, mostly downtown and in Miami Beach. The Miami Marine Stadium on Rickenbacker Causeway was also used in the movie. Apparently, Steve-O, one of the idiots actors in the film, dropped out of the University of Miami after his freshman year. Thank God. We'd hate to count him as fellow alumni. We also couldn't find any awards or award nominations for Jackass Number Two. Shocker. 

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