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Burn Notice Auction Estimates $200,000 in Sales: The Craziest Prices and Best Deals

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Tuesday's auction consisted of mostly furniture sets, office pieces, and background fillers of all sorts. No matter how strange or used an item, it sold. Grasso confirms that the company sold everything that was at the Coconut Grove Convention Center: "It was a good clean up."

By the end of the day, those who stayed well into the evening scored the best deals. "We were giving away full sets of desks, chairs, you name it, for $4-$5," says Grasso. He recalls one of the biggest lots sold on Tuesday's auction was a set of Italian made office desks, which he estimates could retails upwards of $10,000, and sold for $900.

And with bidders from all over the states participating in Wednesday's online portion of the auction, the items sold even better. Up for grabs Wednesday were mostly the more memorable props, like the cars and popular sets, and some wardrobe from the main characters, like the iconic Hawaiian shirt.

Perhaps the most talked about item in the auction was Jesse Porter's (Coby Bell) 2001 Porsche Carrera. Curious to know how much it sold for? Well, with only 48,157 miles, we think $18,750 was a steal. The car was so popular that one fan even snagged just the spare key for $200. On the other hand, Michael Westen's (Jeffrey Donovan) classic 1973 Dodge Charger stunt car - with no interior - went for $4,000.

The items that stood out the most to Grasso from Wednesday's sale were Fiona's wristwatches, the Carlito's restaurant set and menus, and, of course, the yogurt cups. Michael's character trademark was eating blueberry yogurt, says Grasso, so it was not much of a surprise when the yogurt cups and spoons sold for $625. We wonder if the lucky winner will ever wash those spoons.

The entire set of Restaurante Carlito -- bar, stools, dining chairs and all -- sold for $2,100, and just a menu and a few coasters went for a whopping $800.

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