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Borscht Film Festival Releases Video Tease

With their seventh film festival a month away, Borscht just released a video tease showcasing their collaborators for this year's fest. Sure, we posted the line-up of filmmakers and musicians last month. But perhaps you work too hard at your day job and don't get out much and those names didn't mean anything to you. Watch the video below and you'll likely recognize everyone from Wyatt Cenac, Uncle Luke, Otto von Schirach, Rachel Goodrich, and one of our New Times mastermind winners, Jorge Rubiera.

The teams are still looking for funding to wrap up their films, so check the jump for a few Borscht projects you can support on Kickstarter. Also, keep tabs on Borscht Film Festival on Facebook for chances to participate in one of the projects. They've put out recent casting calls for zombies and chongas.

And does their new logo remind of you anything? Think hard. Think back

to 2006 when a python exploded after eating an alligator. Well played,

Borscht. That's our favorite South Florida news story too. (The logo was designed by Kaleidoscope Collective, the same outfit that designed the cover for Jai-Lai magazine.)

Visit Kickstarter and pledge your money and devotion to "Glitch Cuisine," the Wavelrly Films short where Otto von Schirach gets ready for a date. Or else fund "Play Dead," the Meza Valdes brothers' "cutest zombie apocalypse movie ever made" scored by Rachel Goodrich.

The festival goes down on April 23 at the Arsht Center's Knight Concert Hall.

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Amanda McCorquodale