Best Things to Do This Weekend: Paul McCartney, Bluetech, and the Black Market

Best Things to Do This Weekend: Paul McCartney, Bluetech, and the Black MarketEXPAND
Photo by Karli Evans
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This weekend, you have several options: You can reminisce about the past with shows from Paul McCartney and Metallica and parties with Andy Rourke and '90s R&B, or you can live in the present with local art from More Light or film from up-and-comers at the Miami Independent Film Festival. Or you can say f*** it and get futuristic at the Bluetech show and shop for vintage clothes at the Black Market the next day. Time is just a construct. But the weekend actually lasts only a couple of days, so use it wisely.

Best Things to Do This Weekend: Paul McCartney, Bluetech, and the Black Market
Photo by Sayre Berman


Paul McCartney at American Airlines Arena
Following his first performance of "A Hard Day's Night" since 1965 and critically acclaimed shows across the United States, Paul McCartney will play his first show in South Florida in seven years. The 75-year-old is still leaving audiences in awe while pulling from a career of music that has defined rock 'n' roll, and the energy and variety of his shows are evidence that he doesn't plan to stop anytime soon. If for some reason you need to be persuaded to see this show, the historical significance of seeing a Beatle should be enough.

Miami Independent Film Festival at Miami Beach Cinematheque
We can't tell you why the word "indie" seems to immediately summon opinionated men in skinny jeans touting the virtues of "raw" and "real" production, but we can say the Miami Independent Film Festival will be awesome. First, it's free — a lineup of 18 films shown over three days will be open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis. Second, the fest spends all year receiving and selecting films submitted from all over the world, with monthly winners and jury feedback to filmmakers. All you have to do now is show up and enjoy.

Metallica at Hard Rock Stadium
Metallica's early fans are old enough to have grown children, but that doesn't stop the band from continuing to make the kind of metal that every teenage boy can angst to. Beyond that, these veterans are responsible for catapulting metal into the mainstream and remain one of the most commercially successful bands of all time. Avenged Sevenfold and Volbeat are joining the bill to make this a night of truly heavy, guitar-shredding glory, so throw on that black band shirt you haven't washed since 11th grade, and get to thrashing.

Best Things to Do This Weekend: Paul McCartney, Bluetech, and the Black MarketEXPAND
Courtesy of Comic Cure


Comic Cure's Florida's Funniest Females at South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center
Comedy used to be a boys' club before jokes about nagging wives and rape began to get old. Thanks to programs such as Comic Cure's Florida's Funniest Females, you have options now. If you missed the event in April, Gina G, Sheena Reagan, and Angela Nacca — the winner, runnerup, and finalist of that night, respectively — will take their talents to South Miami-Dade. CinCin Boisson will add some Caribbean style to a night of women-led laughs that range from deadpan humor to full-on ridiculousness.

Best Things to Do This Weekend: Paul McCartney, Bluetech, and the Black MarketEXPAND
Courtesy of Dragonfly Media Arts

Bluetech at Armando Records
If you haven't had the chance to hit up the summer music festival circuit, have no fear: You can get your fill of fire spinners, hula-hoopers, and fuel for your LSD trip at the Bluetech show. Ovoid, Shanti, and Miami natives Afro Monk and Optical Delusion will be there to support another night of electronic dub-bass-sub-psych-uhntz-uhntz-ness. Guided meditation and yoga will be on the docket, so don't be afraid to let your freak flag fly.

Andy Rourke and the Punk Rock Patio Party at Churchill's Pub
The Smiths' songs will feel just as deliciously emotional when you have an AARP card as they did when you first heard them as a teenager, steamy tears streaming down your zits. So no matter how many times the band's bassist, Andy Rourke, comes to town, you will be there to worship him. The old-school goth night Kitchen Club is bringing Rourke to Churchill's for a DJ set and meet-and-greet. The night will be hosted by occasional New Times contributor Notorious Nastie and feature DJs 16 Bit and South Beach legend Tommy Gunn. A punk stage and a "Dungeon Room" stage will provide a platform for local acts to show off for the former Smith.

Best Things to Do This Weekend: Paul McCartney, Bluetech, and the Black MarketEXPAND
Shinez Photography


Sweet Taboo R&B Party at Cafeina
Sade turned you on to the "Sweetest Taboo" in the '80s, and the Sweet Taboo R&B Party is bringing that goodness back into your life. Instead of saving the slow jams to seduce early attendees of the hip-hop party LoveHate Classic Sundays, Cafeina gave them their own night. Promoters Good Vibes Ent., Mark G., and DJ Big Giz suggest you take sensuality and sophistication to the next level and get decked out right for this new monthly party. Other acts scheduled to hit the decks include Ghostrider, Tamera James, and the Star Bird, Fly Guy. Russian Standard Vodka is sponsoring the event, so there will be plenty of liquid assistance to get you in the mood.

Miss Toto's 13th Birthday at Gramps
Miami's drag diva with a talent for brash bingo is six-foot-five in heels, and because her day job is personal training, she has bulging biceps the size of that tiny canine whose name she shares. Miss Toto's 13th Birthday Party at Gramps will celebrate our favorite gender-bending goddess with an all-day affair. The theme is Y2K, so dust off that old millennium bug outfit you've been waiting to rehash since 1999. The birthday queen will host memorable performances by gender-fluid artist Poomie Persephone and space clown Jupiter Velvet.

More Light at Bar Nancy
There are still people ready to shine light into the darkness. They often do so with their art and good vibes. At Little Havana's nautical-themed Bar Nancy, More Light is a unifying showcase of bright up-and-coming artists who want to connect with one another and you through their work. Expect live jams by Fari DiFuture, as well as musical selections by Shacia Payne, Fiyah Yout, and Zoodid Lion. Momo Penelli's Afrocentric fashions will be on display, and plant-based cuisine will be provided by Chef Kofi. As far as the visual arts are concerned, pick up crafts by Ntr.SOL and photography by Radiant Sun and 9Ether King, AKA RA Eye Vision.

Best Things to Do This Weekend: Paul McCartney, Bluetech, and the Black MarketEXPAND
Fade County - Greg Ponce

The Black Market at Churchill's Pub
We drink at Churchill's, we see live music at Churchill's, we eat at Churchill's, and now we can shop at Churchill's. The Black Market is an alternative flea market with a monthly home at our favorite venue for all things counterculture. Vendors include French75Vintage, Gentlemanly Inc, Mini Japan Shop, and others. Analog, the Lone Wolf, and Cloud Solo are just a few of the half-dozen bands scheduled to perform. And ChyTea, the Doww, and Shithouse Mouse will make their work available for a silent auction. If you arrive between 3 and 4 p.m., you get in free.

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