May we have this dance?

At Lighthouse 37, Saturday's for Seniors

Where to go on a Saturday night when you’re a lonely, Cuban, senior citizen (or a person who enjoys watching lonely Cuban Senior citizens dance the night away)? Lighthouse 37, baby (the lounge, not the restaurant).

If you've ever doubted the aphorism: life begins at 50, 60, 75 -- whatever -- then check this place out. This place has got everybody: the cougars (heavy makeup, crimson dresses, peroxide hair), the couples (holding hands, waiting for their chance to tear up the tiny dance floor situated between a pair of battling dj booths), and the mysterious Señor Amor (a dapper lothario clad in a white suit and mullet who apparently gets the only tablecloth in the house). Ponytails, double-brested jackets, and blue eyeshade abound. This place – right across the street from the Flagler Dog track -- is totally awesome. –Calvin Godfrey

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