Art Community to Media: What Have You Done For Us Lately?

Miami’s art community is pissed off at New Times, along with every media outlet in the tri-county area.

And like angry villagers they gathered this past Wednesday in the bowels of Wynwood to voice their frustrations.

The issue: What’s happened to Miami’s arts coverage.

The panel: Alesh Houdek (Critical Miami), Anne Tschida (freelance writer), Elisa Turner (Miami Herald) , Omar Sommereyns (Sun Post), and Joanne Green (me!).

The moderators: Claire Bruekel (Locust Projects), Jose Carlos Diaz (Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts), and Sylvia Carmen Cubina.

The audience: Approximately 40 local artists, curators, gallery owners, consultants, and art enthusiasts.

The venue: Locust Projects

The result: A complain-athon that developed into a yell-fest.

We exaggerate. Slightly.

The art set alleged local media neither dedicates enough space, personnel, nor listings to their world and were demanding change.

The discourse raised at least one valid point, such as the absence of a comprehensive listings guide.

“That’s the only legitimate beef they have,” says New Times’ art critic Carlos Suarez de Jesus, who writes a weekly full-page art review. “There is not enough art listings in this town, that’s a very valid point, and one we really should look into.”

Other suggestions were, well, just silly:

If you advertise with a paper, you have a better chance of being covered. Er, no. If you advertise you buy ad-space, not a fast-track ticket to the front page.

If you take a reporter to lunch, or present her with a gift, you stand a better chance of getting coverage. Er, no. Like reviews, journos cannot be bought; those with any degree of ethics will gratefully decline said free gift.

So how can arts coverage in Miami improve and does it, in fact, need to? We’re curious to hear what you think; post a comment, or email us. --Joanne Green

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.