Around Town This Weekend: Get Your V-Day On

Fifty percent of you will claim Valentine's Day is an invention of Hallmark; the other half of you will pitch a fit when flowers don't arrive. We're not naming genders here, you know who you are. Whether you feel jipped and jaded about this weekend's holidays or swoon-able and sentimental, Miami has a V-day event for you. Or, you lonelyhearts could just stay home and watch 48 hours of winter Olympics and wait for all this pink and red to pass.


  • Start the weekend of love with a bang. Get married with scores of other couples at the oldest bar in Miami, and let the King of Rock'n'Roll officiate.
  • After you get hitched, get the honeymoon started at the Slow Jams for Love concert at the Knight center, featuring the smooth sounds of Keith Sweat.


  • OK, so you decided to not participate in the mass wedding last night 'cause frankly, you're just not sure about your mate. Is it love or just fear of crushing loneliness? Head out to the Wynwood Art Walk and get some perspective at the  "Love, Infatuation, and Lust" exhibit.
  • Join the ranks of the gala-bound at Great Loves of the Silver Screen,

    where swelling orchestra strings matched with some of the most classic

    cinematic love scenes will make you yearn for the one that got away.


  • We have your whole day planned. Wake up and cook Nutella French Toast sandwiches for the person you woke up with. Roommates in the next room count. Maybe today's the day to tell them how you feel.
  • Take it up a notch. Change into something sparkly and dine at one of our V-day restaurants picks; put off worrying how you're going to afford dinner and pay rent. 
  • Do a quick wardrobe change again and finish the night off with a 80s Valentine's Day Party at Buck 15. Forgo the American Apparel spandex regurgitation and don hypercolor tees and scrunchie socks in honor of John Hughes. R.I.P., buddy. No one got adolescent love like you did.

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