And Once the Donuts Are Gone...

Don’t judge us because it took the promise of cinnamon raisin bread doused in margarine to bring us to church for Sunday school each weekend. And don’t look at us funny when we’re driving and suddenly hit the brakes, careening into the Krispy Kreme parking lot. The “hot” light was on, dammit, and we can’t ignore the call of a warm, chewy heart attack. In fact, we’re a sucker for anything that even resembles something that could have floated out of Grandmommy’s kitchen. O.H.W.O.W. gallery, a New York import that rocked Art Basel with nonstop avant-garde showings, is marrying two of our favorite vices at Confection, its Charity Bake Sale Art Exhibition. Culture-phile and purveyor of all that is dope, Pres Rodriguez is uniting more than 20 local artists who are in turn contributing their creative goodies to the collective. Waterford Landing, Dino Felipe, and the Remote Controllers will be on hand to provide the soundtrack as you enjoy the artful offerings. We know you’re asking, What about those baked goods? They’ll be around. Sprinkled, iced, filled with caramel, oozing strawberry jelly, and dipped in fudge. Oh, they’ll be around. And when you buy ’em, you’ll be supporting the Daily Bread Food Bank.
Fri., Feb. 13, 7-11 p.m., 2009
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Raina McLeod
Contact: Raina McLeod