Amor Vincit Omnia

Love kicks ass, but we need cash

THUR 9/1

For some, navigating the minefields of intimacy when stymied by profit and power seems a source of soul-withering despair, while for others a belief that love conquers all yields a sense of uplifting empowerment. "Love/Money," opening at 7:00 tonight at the Light Box Studio (3000 Biscayne Blvd., Suite 100, Miami), features the work of artists Guerra de la Paz (whose Last Supper appears above), John Zoller, R.E. Sanchez, Hector Maldonado, and Agustina Woodgate, whose divergent views explore what transpires when the pursuit of romance and the pursuit of riches collide.

"The show delves into negotiating the obstacle course of human relationships and the barriers one confronts, whether self-protective or imposed by institutions, that impede achieving genuine connections between people," explains curator Nikki Beem. In a dazzling poke at pious hypocrisy, Zoller's Jesus sparkles with the excessive opulence of Tammy Faye Baker, jettisoning humility and compassion to flaunt his endowments. Sanchez has created a spinning wheel covered with mugging politicos, prelates, and ire-inducing piss-pokes for the public to drill with darts in a provocative game of Target Practice. Woodgate surrenders to the healing nature of love, presenting delicate drawings of human figures bound together with strands of her own hair. Call 305-576-4350, or visit www.miamilightproject.com. --Carlos Suarez de Jesus

Think Well

The Wolf packs it in

THUR 9/1

The Wolfsonian's motto, "The museum of Thinkism," has always left some potential patrons confused. What is it? An art museum? A center for anthropology? Indeed, the contents of its newest exhibit, "X: A Decade of Collecting," range from ornamental finials to antique ashtrays. Also featured are a variety of chairs, portraits, and brochures (the last poetically classified as "ephemera"). It's not really an art exhibition nor simply the contents of an eclectic grandmother's attic. Rather "X" (spoken aloud not as X but as ten) is what curator Sarah Schleuning likes to term "a show-and-tell exhibition," highlighting more than 200 items donated or acquired in the museum's ten-year existence. The objects, when displayed together, demonstrate how design encompasses everything; how it shapes and forms the human experience. In other words, Thinkism. "X: A Decade of Collecting" begins today and runs through January 15 at the Wolfsonian, 1001 Washington Ave., Miami Beach. Call 305-535-2622, or visit www.wolfsonian.org. --Emily Witt

Kinetic Expression

Experience Billie Lynn's moving art

THUR 9/1

Billie Lynn's artwork can reach out and touch you. Literally. When you stroke the underside of her sculpture Hand, the fingers flutter to life in a marvelous display of creative ingenuity. Art lovers with a sense of whimsy will adore "Billie Lynn: Uncanny," a remarkable exhibit at the Lowe Art Museum (1301 Stanford Dr., Coral Gables). At tonight's closing reception, you can gain insight from the artist herself. Her fully interactive works address issues of racism, religion, and femininity with wry humor and inspiring intelligence. Also be sure to check out her "tapings," extraordinarily textured pieces made of duct tape. The reception begins at 7:00. Admission is five dollars. Call 305-284-3535, or visit www.lowemuseum.org. --Patrice Elizabeth Grell Yursik

Rent Controlled

FRI 9/2

A mental health adage claims psychotics build sandcastles in the sky but psychiatrists collect the rent. Artist Vicenta Casañ thinks Miami's heads-in-the-clouds developers need to keep their feet on the ground rather than dream of skylines transformed by floating money. Her show "Castillos en el Aire," opening tonight at 7:30 at Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts (3080 SW 38th Ct., Miami), waxes schizzy about the head-spinning condo craze. Call 305-774-5969. -- Carlos Suarez de Jesus

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