Alternative New Year's Eve - Skip the Champagne and Countdown

New Year’s Eve will always be one big party and New Year’s Day will always be one big hangover, so why don’t you take a break from the typical party scene. Dare to try something different and new, and hell, if you don’t like it you can always party next year (unless Armageddon strikes and knowing Miami there will probably still be a party here so there is nothing to worry about).

Now, I know you don’t want to be away from the family. On second thought, maybe you do, but you don’t want to be away from your friends on New Year’s. So why not gather your buddies, grab some tents, and head out to a place like Biscayne National Park. You can camp out and ring in the New Year together, away from the ear splitting noise of revelers and drunken party goers. It makes for a great intimate get together with friends or with a significant other. Just remember to bring some bug spray just in case.

But let’s say you like the city and you would rather not sleep with the insects. You can still get away from the whole party scene and take in a show. Lewis Black will be performing at the Fillmore on New Year’s Eve. Black is an angry comic and with all the stuff that went down this year it will be therapeutic to watch the main event. And if it’s your first time seeing him do his routine don’t be shocked if it looks like he’s about to have a heart attack on the stage, that’s normal.

On Hollywood Beach at Johnson Street, the ninth annual OceanDance will feature a dance performance and fireworks. The show is free but if you want to get up close you’ll have to pay. Here you have not only the calming ocean view but you also have a an art performance, so if you are a dance buff or just want to do something different before year’s end this one is a pretty sure bet.

While most of you may be too tired to get up on New Year’s Day there is also a lot of things going on during the first day of ’08. It’s the last day of the Miccosukee Indian Arts Festival, so you may want to pass by and take in some of the culture and history of the native people.

Or you can head on back to Biscayne National Park for snorkeling tour of the bay. It’s perfect, if you are awake enough, to take in some of the marine life. Honestly when are you going to have a day off where you will actually feel like doing anything other than staying home and sleeping.

If you haven’t seen the Bodies exhibit, the first would be a nice day to see it. You get to avoid the crowds and enjoy the exhibit without worrying about what’s going on during the rest of the day. -- Elvis Ramirez

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