After a Van Fire, His Livelihood Ruined, Wynwood's Friendly Car Cleaner Needs Your Help

If you have been around Wynwood for any length of time, you know Jeffrey Cunningham.

He used to ride a three-wheel bike to the area to wash cars. Then he bought a van and a high-class steam-cleaning machine. He works hard and plays his music loud.

This past Thursday, December 15, Jeffrey was preparing to detail a car at the Wynwood Building on NW 27th Street and Third Avenue after filling his generator with gas. Some had overflowed, and when the machine sparked, it burst into flames. Then, when Jeffrey tried to extinguish it, the gas line broke free. An explosion ensued.

According to bystanders, as several more explosions followed, he hurried to move his client's car aside. Then he rescued his steam cleaner. "It's really modern," he said Thursday morning, standing among the ruins. "It cleans your car hypoallergenically."

Jeffrey started his car-detailing company several years ago on his bike. He was in recovery and nobody wanted to give him a job, so he initiated this small business himself. Now Nice Less Water Car Detail is a two-man mobile detailing unit. Or at least it was, until the fire.
Now Jeffrey needs some wheels to get him back to work. And this being the holiday season, when helping your fellow man is a grand tradition, New Times is asking you to contribute a few bucks.

So far, a GoFundMe campaign has raised $460. Jeffrey needs about $2,500 to get moving again. His van is insured, but right now he says he's a "fish out of water," as his detailing company is his only means of income. You can help him by contributing money here.

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