A Naughty New Year

New Year’s Eve falls on a Saturday this year, and that gives you permission to engage in all kinds of extra ridiculousness. With the night before free to warm up, the whole day of to relax, and the whole day after fully dedicated to hangover recovery, Saturday night is ripe for unusual kinds of action. Like, say, some Backdoor action? That’s Backdoor Bamby, of course, the weekly anything-goes, anyone-goes fete at the Vagabond. Every Saturday at Bamby already features a full-on themed production, complete with changing decorations, visuals, and the assorted costumed, coed weirdos collectively known as Bamby’s “Sex Kittens” and “Naughty Misfits.” Joining them in the freaky fun for this extra-special celebration are the ladies of Shameless Burlesque, one of the city’s top troupes. Led by the sultry Holly Peno, the group favors a super-retro look and a classical take on the art form, full of classy corsets and twirling tassels. Maybe the unofficial theme of the evening is “femme-friendly,” because the rest of the entertainment also comes courtesy of an act with no Y chromosomes. The other stage star is duo The State Of, led by Steph Taylor and a favorite on the local circuit for its moody but danceable take on piano-driven pop. In the midst of all that, Saturday-night resident DJs Ray Milian and Ryan Evans will keep the alt-dance favorites coming between guest sets by club family and friends, including Brad Strickland, Pamela Wasabi, Ess & Emm, and Carmel Ophir.
Sat., Dec. 31, 10 p.m., 2011
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Arielle Castillo
Contact: Arielle Castillo